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29 2007

Giant Funny Radish!

  It was really strange scene. I have never seen such things until now.  As I drove, that appeared in my sight suddenly. In the moment, I could not understand what was that. I turned back there, after I drove a little, because I wanted to know what it was!
  A big guy who has long green hair and white skin color stood at the front of the telegraph pole. A vegetable shop was right side, no customer was inside it. The big guy seemed a bodyguard of gangster
(なんと不思議なこんなものは今まで見た事がない。 それは私が車で走っている時に突然目にした、一瞬わたしは何か解らなかった、少し通り過ぎてから、気になり引返した。


“Kuemon-Shoten” was the name of the shop. As I was taking the picture, old woman came and told me that I could buy one with one coin. But sometimes several persons carried away them with no coin. I think well of “Kuemon-Shoten”, because the poster said that they donated some money from the income. And they forgave the person who did not leave 100yen. And the big guy was 100yen too. Still they will open the shop tomorrow. Therefore, the store was poor construction.

(店の名前は九右衛門商店、地元の人が話しかけてきました、〈どれでも¥100だけど、払わずにもつていく人もいるよ, あのでかいのも¥100だよ。〉九右衛門商店は良い店だ、売り上げに一部を施設に寄付していると貼り出してあった、たたで持っていく人がいても、明日もまた店を開けるにだろう、儲からないだから店が貧素なんだ!)

As I passed a side of the shop on the way to office about three hours after, the big guy disappeared already. I could not know that who took the guy, and, one coin was left or didn’t.
You also will be able to meet him somewhere, as you will drive.
Please、drop in and say hello to him!
( 帰りに立ち寄っあら、やつはもういなかった、誰が連れて行ったのか分からない、コインが残されたかどうかも解らない、車で走っているとき、もし彼にを見かけたら、立ち寄って声を掛けてやってください!)


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