Taka from Kyoto


19 2007


On the way back to office, I dropped in at a park that is beside the Lake Biwa to eat my box lunch.
I looked over the park, and could see many colors of beige into the color of green.
Beige is the color of fall, already autumn has come.

After lunch, I walked around the park.There were many small flowers that had each color that were blue, yellow, orange, and white.
On the beach, a tiny flower was there, color is white and about 3mm. I didn’t know her name, It was prettiest flower in the park. I picked the flower with my camera

Wild flower 01

I found persimmon tree near the former house. The color of a persimmon is a typical color of autumn of Japan. The taste of sour persimmon revived in my mouth.
The heat wave had gone.


Thank you for coming to my blog.
At last, I could begin this blog.
I do my best and write.
Please give me advice.



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