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09 2012

Take a rest

A happy new year's!

Thanks for your coming; but I am sorry that I take a rest from my English blog for some time.
I am thankful that many people gave me a lot of comment and advice.
I want to say thanks again for everybody.
I am looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.
 I am going to put on a firm basis again. To up my level!
See you! (θθ)/





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25 2011


One fine day, I dropped in to the Takao of Kyoto; it was typical autumn day, very comfortable, though it was a cool a bit at mountainside.
Many people were enjoying the colored leaves.  I had dim memory about scene, but it was difficult to recall my memory clear about there because my last visit was about 30 years ago or more. I thought, I was very lucky to visit there on the day, so the colored leaves had reached final stage, next rain would droop a red and a yellow leaves.  And, comparatively not busy.  I could take many photographs and enjoy the way to the JINGO-JI temple with its colored leaves. It seemed that tourist were keeping tight the purse strings, it was my imagination; so the street stalls seemed not busy. Anyway, speaking of Takao, best season is the autumn, the red and yellow leaves were very beautiful, it show typical scenery of Kyoto mountain-side.



(晴れたので、京都の高雄へ出かけてみた、典型的な秋晴れだ, 山側は少し風が冷たかったが、沢山の人が紅葉を楽しんでいた。前に来たのは30年以上前、ほとんど覚えていない。今回は運がいいのかな、紅葉も終盤、次の雨でだいぶ葉は落ちそうだ。それに人は少ないほうかな、神護寺まで写真を撮りながらゆっくり上れた。道中幾つかの露店も出ていたが、お客は少ないよう、観光客の財布は案外かたそうだ。



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05 2011

I met Cosmos、(コスモス畑にて)

In Japan with its four seasons, under the blue sky of fine autumn day, one can see a cosmos flower.  Its pale colors very much well with gentle fall sunlight. I like it.
That flower field was near Kameoka Station of Kyoto. I was very lucky, I happened to meet it, when I looked for a byroad. It was on that time that usually main street of Kameoka got very congested . I parked my car into the car park, it was free of charge.
A short rest on my way home. And to take a photo.  Somehow or other my feel was that the fine day gave me something. DSC05850_R.jpg


( 四季のある日本では、秋晴れの日はコスモスの花に会える。 秋の優しい日差しに淡い色が似合う、好きな花だ。その花畑は京都、亀岡駅の近く、本通りが渋滞する時間なので抜け道を探していると偶然発見した、無料の駐車場に車を止め、しばし休憩、そして写真を撮る。いい天気が何かをくれたような気分。)



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31 2011

Weekedn drive (週末のドライブ)

I met some ostriches at side of a green garden. There was the HIMURONO-GO.
It is a kind of a park、we can experience many things. For example, Potato field, woodworking and the like. In other word, it is the country experience. There is in Kyo-Nantan at Yagi. The gentle wind of the autumn invited me there; it took about 2 hours by a car. I felt, Japan was very wide, very mild weather, blue sky. As I looked for the rest area like Michino-eki, the sharp-pointed house came into my view. At middle of the rice field. It stood out very much, because it was the only one wide building there.
It is the good landmark, isn’t it? I dropped in there to have a lunch. The garden was very good, there was good bench and table, I spent clam lunch time. After lunch time, I walked around the garden, and I met the ostriches. My first impression was that "It is why, there are the ostriches?”. When I looked at my foot, there were many grasshoppers, it was locust. I did not recall when I met locust at last time. Somehow, I felt it was long-long time ago. It was my dear time, happy memories. The snow season will come soon. My next visiting will be in spring.
Because my automobile tire are not for snow type.


ランチの後, 庭を散歩しているとダチヨウに遭遇したわけだが、なんで! こんなところに! が第一印象だった。 足元に目を向けるとたくさんのバッタ、イナゴだ、懐かしい。最後に見たのはいつだっけ?、なんだか少し幸せな気分になれた。



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05 2011

Parade of decorative parasol.(花傘行列)

Autumn is the festival season in Japan.  Then I was drinking a beer in the Japanese pub at Ohtesuji shopping street, I saw the parade of a big decorative parasol pass front of the pub. I went out the pub, and I whipped out my camera to take a photograph of them in a hurry.  I left my friends and a half glass of the beer inside of the store.
As about 15 minutes passed, I went back to my seat of the store to take the beer and some foods that I left.  I took some photographs but it was not enough: I could stand there because the parade was stopped sometimes by the crossing.   It was too long time. And I worried about the beer. My friends had waited、and they chatted joyfully. I joined them chat again, soon.




(秋は祭りのシーズン、大手筋の居酒屋で飲んでいたら、窓越しに花傘の行列が通り過ぎた、あわててカメラを取り出して、飲みかけのビールとあてと友達を店に残し飛び出した、15分ぐらい行列の写真を撮ったか?  踏切で何回も行進が止まるので、待ちきれづ、また、残したビールなどが気になり店に戻った、友達は待っていてくれた、というよりは酔っぱらって楽しそうだった。 わたしも会話へ復帰。)




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26 2011

Last Bitter melon (ゴーヤも終わりか)

The green curtain is going to finish the time soon. Some leaves of the green curtain became brown color, I took in some bitter melons again, and it was my fourth harvest. I thought it was last harvest in this season. My first try was small bitter melon; because they said it was easy to growing, and many melons would fruit. That’s right; I could get an dozen of bitter melon or more on every harvest time, I only gave the water every day and manure on several days. And I cooked a healthful food each time with it. It was good job!
I was surprised by it after last harvest. Wow! One bitter melon burst open, and color had changed to yellow. I was keeping it on the table with room temperature. The seeds color was red. Nature is great; the bitter melon was going to sow its seed again in next season. I put it into the refrigerator. To keep it fresh condition till next cooking time. I wanted to try growing of big size bitter melon in next season.


(我が家のグリーンカーテンも、一部の葉が茶色く変わってきてもうじき終わりかな、四回目の収穫を終えた、今シーズンはこれで最後かな。今回のは小型のゴーヤ、育てやすく実もたくさん付けるということだったから、毎日の水と時々肥料を与るだけでよく伸びて、毎回たくさんの実を付けてくれた。おかげで ゴーヤの健康料理を何回か作ることができた。
収穫を終えて, ゴーヤを部屋の中に置いておいたところ、驚いたことに一つの実が黄色く変色しはじけていた、中の種は赤色、自然に実は熟成し種を撒こうとしたのだ、来シーズンも発芽するために、自然ってすごい! あわてて、冷蔵庫の中へ移した、次回の料理のアイデアが浮かぶまで、鮮度を保つために。)


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18 2011

I met Degaku(田楽に出会った)

The sound of Japanese traditional performance came into my ears from the direction of Uji shrine. I hit upon a good idea, by chance I may be able to get interesting photograph. The idea made me hurry to the approach of the shrine.
I run up the stairs opening the camera bag. In a hurry. As I reached the ground, they had been dancing with the old Japanese music. Young staff gave us the leaflet, the event was the advertise in advance for the big festival. They are holding big event in October 15 at Nakanishima Park. Event name is “ Ujidengaku-maturi”, sound really interesting. It is old Japanese dance festival with music. I will go with camera.



フェスティバルの前宣伝のイベントらしい、本番は10月15日宇治中之島公園“宇治田楽まつり” 面白そうだ、カメラを持って行ってみるか。)


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14 2011

Detour (遠回り)

The summer came back after typhoon on Sunday. I went to Uji river side to cool off from the heat. There was very comfortable in the shade of the tree, but dazzling sunlight beamed from a gap of the tree. There was no soft wind, actually it was still summer.
The water level was very high; it seemed that it was twice as high as usual level.
And it had become raging stream from gentle stream. So, the typhoon left much water into the mountains.
Usually I cross an upper bridge to go other side, and I cross a downs bridge to go back to starting point. The bridge of downs side is red color; it connects Uji shrine and Byodoin temple. So-called main bridge of Uji sightseeing.
Bloody hell! As I reached the bridge, it was closed, because the water had reached to dangerous level yet. I had to retrace a outward route. I could walk longer than usual, because of the high level water. As I reached the starting point, my shirt got wet through with perspiration.
It was comfortable sweat.



川の水位がいつもの倍はあろうか、異常に高い、流れも激しい、台風の雨が山からしみだしているのだろう。 まず上流へ向かい、高い橋を渡り川の向こう側を下る、宇治神社と平等院をつなぐ朱色の橋を渡り戻るのがいつものコース、ちよっと宇治神社へ寄り道、でも、帰り道、朱色の橋は閉ざされていた、低い橋なので水位が高すぎて危険なための通行止めらしい。
残念! 来た道を引き返さなければならなかったが、いつもより少し多めに歩けた。車にたどり着いたときシャツは汗でびしょびしょ、でも心地よい汗だった。)



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10 2011

September 10 of 10 years ago.

The plane arrived on time to the Osaka airport from Narita at September 10.
It was before 9 pm. The highway-bas gave me a reality that I came back to Japan.
With comfortable swing. I was deadly tired and I was very nerves, because, it was my first business trip to join the formal business meeting. My role was to check about them technical side. The technical term and the numeral were a common language, for the most part were no problem on the document.  Anyhow I could not speak English. ”Nice to meet you”, “Thanks” and “----“ were my poor routine conversation. If I wanted to ask some question, I could speak thought an interpreter.
But, when the meeting heated, no one interpreted the proceedings for me.  On the contrary, suddenly they demand my opinion in Japanese. “ どう思う?”
” What do you think of it?” I remember that I was congealed. In another aspect, I was very easygoing meeting, because, “I do not know was that I can’t know what” The most difficult scene came after meeting, it was the late lunch time. I did not join in them small talk, maybe it was a chat. And then I could concentrate to eat. 
The voice in Japanese from TV came into my ears, it was very comfortable. That was way I was very tough trip for me, before my knows, I got enough sleep like a log forgetting the jet lag. September 10 was very long day for me. I did not know on that time, it went on September 11. Today is September 10. It recalled the memory of ten years before.
They said, there was the office of the company, which I visited on same time, in that Building.


2001.9.9 N/C USA


  9月10日,成田から大阪空港に飛行機は着いた、午後九時ごろだった。高速バスに乗り日本へ帰ってきた実感が湧いた、バスの揺れが心地よかった。旅の目的は、公式な会議に初めて出席するため、めちやくちゃ神経が疲れた。 技術面の担当で、数字と専門用語だけしか理解できない書類、でもそこまではそれでよかった。なんせしゃべれる英語ときたら“よろしく”“ありがとう”それと“――――”ほとんどダメ。


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30 2011

(濁り酒を買った) Joyo sake factory

When I arrived at outskirts of Joyo town, I turned the steering wheel to the left.
The mark was a big signboard at side of the road. After I drove about 3 minutes, the shop curtain came into my view from left front. It was a sake store, my friend gave me an information, they were selling a white sake, it was called “Nigori-zake”. I went in the store, and I asked about the white sake to the staff. It seemed, they made two kind of white sake, one was” Nigori-zake” and other one was “ Doburoku”. I guessed, my friend favorite one was “ Doburoke” but it was manufactured on only winter season. Unfortunately it was summer. So, I could buy the Nigori-zake.  Of course, I never have drunk it. It seemed very fruity flavor, as a wine.
However, if I had to say, “Doburoku” was better than it, and then I keep it on the next time. The elderly stuff said, there were many Sake factories long time ago, it was about ten. But it was only one factory now at Joyo town. He said, to keep traditional sake was very tough business now.  After I got his comment, I bought other two bottles of sake, finally.  Total three bottles sake was expensive a bit.
As I would go out of the store, I noticed that the big round container was there.
It attracted my attention again. When I peeped into the container, the staff opened the edge of the cover of it. Then , the smell of the ume liquor come into my nose, it was very acrid smell of the alcohol, at the same time it included a sweet aroma. It was a marc of the ume liquor. The aroma drove me happy a bit. And staff said pointing the plastic bag, which was packed the marc.  “Please take out it, it is for free.” It seemed good tasty. I got a bag to take out. There was a small sake factory of Joyo of Kyoto prefecture. Name is “Jyoyo-shiyuzou.”  I want to visit again at an early date.
Of course, to buy white sake bottles would be my purpose.



そして、帰ろうとしたとき、入り口近くの大きな丸い容器が気になった、年配のスタッフがカバーの端を少し開けてくれた、すると、アルコールのツンとする刺激臭が鼻をつき。、同時に、梅酒のほのかな甘い香りが漂った。梅酒を絞った後の梅だそうだ、ビニールの袋に詰めてあるのを指して、差し上げますから、もぅて帰ってください, タダです、ラッキー、少し得をした気分になった、どんな味なのか帰ってからの楽しみだ。そこは京都府城陽市、城陽酒造、近いうちにまた来てみたい、そう、冬場のどぶろくが待ちどうしい。




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