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10 2011

(大阪駅をぶらり歩き)Walking of new Osaka Station

Much TV news had reported about the Osaka station till last month.  North area was the site of the freight depot of JR line. The vast extend of land is being in the middle of development now. Above all things, I took an interest in the roof above the station. So, I went there, hanging a camera after a long time. It did not let me down, the new building was wonderful, really modern design. There is the open space on the station, I like that space, I can see the railroad below. The open space seemed the future city, as an airport. Unfortunate, Kyoto station seemed simpler than that. And many big cranes ware working at north of the station, it was extending still more.




(先月、ニュースで新しい大阪駅を何度も見た、駅の北側には広い貨物機関区の跡地だ、今でも開発が続いている、そんな中で、駅の新しい屋根が見てみたくなりカメラをぶら下げて見物に出かけた。 新しい空間は期待を裏切らなかった、近代的なデザイン。駅の上のオープンスペースはいい感じになっていて、ホームの線路が下に見える。未来都市、イメージは空港かな、残念ながら京都駅が少し地味に思えてきた。さらに北のエリアでは大きなクレーンが動いている、今もさらに拡張中、どこまで変わるのだろう。)


Sky vegetable garden. (ビルの屋上では菜園が楽しめる


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14 2010

Deserted-looking airport

I went to a Kansai air port after an interval of nine months, to pick up daughter.
As I reached the junction bridge, it seemed there were not busy as ever.
Few cars were on the bridge. It was really deserted-looking scenery.
The TV news which I watched in the other day came into my mind, so three air ports are in Kansai. The third floor of the car park was filled, but other floors were very few. So, the summer holiday had gone already, but it seemed Kansai airport was more spiritless than Narita airport. It was not busy too much. The new highway was opened and I can reach the airport by one hour. To our surprise, I can go to three air ports very quick; it takes about one hour to each air port from my house by car. I think it is too much convenience. I think, should work up three air ports into the big air port; to up the competitive power of international airline hulb. I want to say, where is watching a government officer? I can not understand what things they are thinking. I guess three air ports will go down near future, if they leave it as it is. By the way, I consider that it was very good selection that the plan of air port at Shiga-prefecture was stopped.
However, my area would become more convenience. Four air ports would cover though Kyoto has not air port. I have to leave everything to government; Ok government?


(関西空港に娘を迎えにいった、空港は九ヶ月ぶりだ、連絡橋に車は少なかった、なんだか寂しい光景だ、駐車場の三階部分はまずまず詰っていたが、その上はガラガラのようだ、いつかのTVニュースを思い出した関西には三つの空港がある。 成田空港はもっと活気があったな!  新しい高速道路(第二京阪)が開通し、空港まで一時間余りでいける、近くに三つも空港があるのだ。非常に便利だ、便利すぎる。でも統合して国際競争に勝てるハブ空港にでもしないと、いずれ三つとも沈没するようにおもえる。役人は何を考えているんだ、どこを見てるんだ。 




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31 2009

Wasabi Soba at Kansai Airport

I sent off my daughter to the airport in my car, in order that I saw her off. When we reached the airport, it was in the noon already. The lobby was not busy, though the winter holiday began already. I guessed, it was a momentary quiet time after the morning congestion. Her departure time was delayed about three hours, and we got enough time to get the delayed lunch. She wanted to have Japanese food.
We agreed it, because our dinner was the curry and rice with a breaded pork cutlet. We selected the Japanese soba. She recommended the Wasabi Soba, the soba restaurant name was the Soji-bo. In explanation of her, it is the famous restaurant of the Shinsyu-soba. Because, I thought that she would be difficult to get delicious Japanese food in overseas for some time. The big sample of the Zaru-Soba with the real wasabi was displayed in the shop window of the restaurant. It was the sign of the special flavor point, which was made by wasabi.

(娘を空港まで車で送っていった、着いた時はすでに昼、もう冬休みなのにロビーはやたら静かだ、朝の混雑が終わった狭間なのだろう、出発が三時間ほど遅れるので、ゆっくり昼食をとることにする、和食が食べたいようだ、前の晩がカッカレーだったから、そばにすることにした、わさびそばがいいよ! そじ坊へ行くことにした。彼女によると、結構有名な店らしい、彼女はしばらくおいしい和食とお別れだからなあ! 店の前には大きなざるそばのディスプレーが迎えてくれた、生わさびのでかいのが乗っている、どうやら、ここはわさびがポイントらしい。)






They served Soba-tea and Soba-chips at first, we ordered each Soba lunch. Tenzaru-soba, Soboro-rice-zaru-soba, and wasabi-hot-soba were. My impression of the taste was marvelous, the flavor of the wasabi matched the Japanese soup. Tenzaru is most expensive menu in our order, it came with the raw wasabi and a small grater, but other menu came with a little grated wasabi. It is a clear discrimination, as a general system of the capitalism. That aside, I got the great taste of the Japanese soup, I was a really lucky. And we found the small plastic bag on the table, it was the bag to take out of the remaining raw wsabi. It was really interesting service system, isn’t it?





As I reached the entrance of the air port terminal, the New Year’s decorative pine trees came into my view. I felt that the New Year had come at next corner. Oh, I wanted to go to overseas trip, as my daughter. I hope to do so in next year again.





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19 2009

Jolly Pig

There was really jolly gentleman of the pig. Was he gentleman? Maybe I think so. Because, he looked very happy. It was nice smile. I had to go to Osaka yesterday afternoon, I was afraid of the new type flu. But, I left a mask at home, though I thought that I needed it to go to Osaka. Because, I had to visit new office, it was my first visit, and I might panic a bit. As I reached to Osaka, I met many people who wore a flu mask.  And I noticed that I left a mask on home. As I was perplexed, I met the pig. My feel became easy, I hammed that “que sera sera.” But, I felt uneasy a bit, and I visited many shops on my way, but the flu mask had sold out at every shop already.


(愉快な豚のおじさんに出会った、たぶん愉快なおじさんだと思う、幸せそうな顔、いい顔してますよね。昨日の午後大阪へ出かけた時、インフルエンザに気をつけなくてはと思っていたがマスクを家に忘れて出かけた、初めてのところへ出かけるのでばたばたしていてつい忘れた、大阪へ着いた時、沢山の人がマスクをしていた、そして、マスクを忘れてことに気が着いた、あれ、忘れた、そんな時、豚さんに出会った、何とかなるさ“ケセラセラ” でも、少し不安、道中の薬局・コンビにみんなマスク売り切れの張り紙。)




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27 2009

Humboldt Penguin

What cute shape it was!
As an animal handler prepared the feed, many Penguins gathered on the stage. The two types of the penguin were there. Black and gray were. All penguins were Humboldt Penguin, the gray color one was a baby. When the babies reach first birthday, the feather will begin to change black color. I dropped in at the Zoo on the way home; from the Tennoji of Osaka. It was more than 30 years ago that I last came to the zoo. Many little boy, and little girl were the audience; they were listening attentively to the explanation of the animal handler.  He was telling about penguin to the children gently.  The penguin was very good swimmer.
The eyes of children shone.  And he asked whether they would think that a penguin can fly in the sky. We got many voices, which was “Yes”. He said “It is correct answer”, and they can fly about 7m.  His explanation was continuing, but I had to get train, the time was over already. I headed to the station, though I would like to meet the sea lion. I leave it in the zoo, till next time.




調教師が餌を持ってくると、ペンギンたちが、ステージに集まってきた。 フンボルトペンギン、黒いのとグレーと二種類のペンギン、グレーのは赤ちゃんだ。 一才を過ぎると赤ちゃんはグレーから黒色に変るらしい。
大阪の天王寺へ行った帰りに天王寺動物園へ立ち寄った、動物園は30年ぶり、小さな紳士・淑女が飼育員のおじさんの話に聞き入っていた、おじさんは優しい口調でペンギンの話をしている、子供たちの目は輝いていた。おじさんがペンギンは空を飛べると思いますか、と尋ねると、”はい” と沢山の返事、おじさんは“そうですね正解です” “7メートルも飛ぶんですよ” と説明、まだまだショーは続いていたが、帰る時間だ。 アシカにも会いたかった、思いを次回の訪問までのこし、駅へ急いだ。)



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26 2009

The giraffe's eyes

The giraffe has long neck and long legs.  And, lovely eyes, so really cute eyes. As I looked up through the finder, my eyes met giraffe’s eyes. It seemed, the giraffe eyes talked something to us. But I did not understand, of course, it was difficult to human being.  The eyes were wet, and shining. “I was sorry, because I could not understand your talk.” The eyes were reminded about the Peter Pan to me. I guessed that as a baby, I might have understood it. Maybe so. When the baby understood the word of human being to speak was the time, which the baby lost the magic power to speak with animal. According to legend.  Surely, baby could talk the flower and stars, and moon, maybe. Because, baby was in the wander world; so baby had swum into the body of the mother. The eyes showed me such world a moment. Many little gentleman and lady were in the Zoo with their family, mother and father.  I guessed, they could see and catch something that the adult could not see.

(キリンは長い首、長い足、そして、愛らしい可愛い目、ファインダーを覗いてると目が合った、キリンは何か言いたそう、何か話している、でも、”ごめんね解りません“ 目は少し濡れて輝いている、目を見ていると、ピーターパンを思い出した。赤ん坊はきっと、動物と話せるのだ、でも人間の言葉を覚えた時、その、パワーは消える、伝説がそう教えてくれる。そう、赤ん坊は花や星や月とも話せたのだ、赤ん坊は不思議の国に住んでいたんだ、母の胎内で泳いでいたのだ。



・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ・・・・

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25 2009


I prayed to Billiken-san that the Japan would obtain the win. I met many Billiken-sans, I was surprised and I enjoyed. Billiken-san is a God of the happiness; it was born at 1908 years in USA. And it was in fashion of the world.
The marker was Florence Pretz, an art teacher. The model was the God that she met in the night dream. So, the home town was the USA, it was about 100 years ago, the Billiken-san came to Japan. We can see many BIliken-sans these days; many descendants are.  I guessed, Billiken-san’s home town is the Osaka, but I heard, we can see the Billien-san in the Kanto-area.
Many Gods gave help the Japan, I guessed. Billiken-san cheered Japan, though it came from USA, I believe so.

色んな神様が応援してくれたのだ。 アメリカ生まれのビリケンさんも日本を応援してくれたのだ。 そう信じたい。)





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16 2009

Oh、Dressed up car culture

As I went in the second hall, the Silver Benz and Gold Benz came into my view. Here was the place of Auto Messe Osaka, the exhibition of Dressed up cars and tuning cars.
At the start, I was surprised by gorgeous Benz, because I had never visited such a show yet.  It seemed that many cars came out of the magazine, and that were glittering.. In an instant, I was overpowered by the brilliant atmosphere. I got feeling that the hall was filled with feverish air by Car fan.. It was enough power; they excited me soon.

(二番フオールへ入ったとき、金色と銀色のベンツが目に飛び込んできた、ここは、大阪オートメッセ、ドレスアップ&チユーにングモーターショーの会場、この手のショーは初めてなので最初にベンツに驚かされた、雑誌から抜け出してきたような眩い車、瞬間に華やかな雰囲気に圧倒された。 会場は車のファンで一杯だった、私も直ぐに興奮させられた。)





You know already, the business environment of an automobile industry was very bad, suddenly the selling car amount decreased was the direct cause. Many commentator explain that young people’s buying power go down year after year is one of the reason. Actually the commentator’s opinion is not wrong, but I guess that it have other many primary factors, and I did not get such an atmosphere from the hall in the least. Because, many people’s eyes were shining, and I caught many shout of joy. 
It may be an improper expression; I guess the important reason is that young peoples, who do not have enough money to buy, are increase. And the report of business depression is exaggerating by mass media every day.  In other words, I guess that I can say, they reduce the people’s buying power.  By the way, there is the country, which has a special Prime Minister, who suddenly begins to speak the childish comment. Actually, the wage differentials are spreading even now. Of course, mass media cover many big issues every day, but I hope them to cover more lively news consciously. For example is this Auto show.




In case of me, my friend altered the interior of the car, and he made the bedroom space by himself at the rear of the car of Wolks Wagen’s one box; because they had no shop of turning and decorating..  We went to short trip to Tokyo area with the car on winter holiday by the car.
It was the story of over 30 years ago. In the time、the main style of the car was sedan, the one box style was rare design. The Japanese carmaker produced the sedan type and a truck; one-box type was made by order. The car style was changed, the box style became to main design these days, because people wanted to keep the large space. When I was a young, people wanted the car to run fast. I think, the decorated car is the fashion in recent year. In other words, it was growing up to the culture; I got such a feeling from the exhibition.

(私の友達はワンボックスのフォルクスワーゲンの後部にベッドスペースを自分で作りました、改造してくれる店が未だ無かったから、それで冬休みに東京へ短い旅行に出かけたりしました。 その時代はセダンタイプが中心でワンボックスワゴンタイプは特殊でしたから。 30年以上前の話ですが。



・・・・・・・・・・・・・     ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・      ・・・・・・・


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18 2008

The cherry blossoms on December

Wow, every thing was enveloped with white, which looked like the fog on the high mountain. When I reached the field, I was surprised with such a scene this morning.
It was so warm that I could go out without a lot of clothes. It still was in 6:00 am, it was really quiet, and no one was there. Therefore, I got the feeling, as I became to a legendary wizard on the Mountain. BTW. Why it was very warm! I was sure; it seemed not December morning。.



When I reached to the Kyu-huji of south Osaka, I found the pretty tree in the small park, which was in front of JR station. I wanted to know what it is, because it seemed that much raw cotton stuck to the tree. As I approached the tree, the small flower came into my view.
It was flower, not raw cotton; it was white flower, which looked like the cherry blossoms. Actually, the trunk of the tree looked like the cherry tree. Was it the winter cherry blossoms?
Was it the cherry flower, which bloomed out of season?
.It seemed that the flower was smaller than the flower, which bloomed on spring season.
And it looked like that flower had not enough vitality. It seemed that the flower was being surprised by the cold condition of the night, after it bloomed on the warm daytime.

(南大阪の久宝寺に着いたとき、駅前の小さな公園で可愛い木を見付けた、綿のようなものが沢山ついていたので、なんだろうか?と 思い、近付くとそれは小さな桜のような花だった、確かに、幹は桜の木のような模様だ、寒桜とかいうやつかな?  狂い咲きとか言うやつかな? 春に咲く桜よりは小さい、暖かい日中に開いたものの、寒い夜にびっくりして、又、震えているようにも見えた。)


The tree could not wait the spring, because, the tree was looking forward to seeing the springtime again.



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13 2008

Christmas market

The Christmas market came to the plaza of Sky building at Osaka from Germany again.
I went there in several years ago with wife and daughter, it was probably six or five years ago, I could not recall clearly about it. In this time, both wife and daughter asked me to go to there with them, and to have a dinner. I agreed, because I could not go there after last visiting. The tree, which was 27 meter high, was placed at the center place of the plaza, it was decorated with a lot of colorful lights; it was so beautiful that I could not say nothing a while; so it was wonderful and dreamy world, really fantastic. And big merry-go-round was spinning at entrance of the plaza with Christmas music. It seemed that just like I visited the Christmas market of the Germany, because it recalled my happy memory that I visited Romantic Street of Germany in six years ago. The visiting to Germany was a first abroad trip with wife.





Many shops were there, at first, I said hello to Santa Claus, walked round the plaza to see. It was really cold night, and after a while, I got cold, and then I wanted to get something hot to drink. It was a Vienna sausage! And a hot wine! And a hot tea!   Cheers!  We bought sausage and shared; I got the hot red wine; it warmed me from inside soon.  And my feel became happy vaguely.
(沢山の店が出ていた、サンタさんに挨拶してから、見て回った、少し歩くと寒くて・・・・何か暖かいものが欲しくなったので、ウインナソーセージを買って分けて食べた、の飲み物はホットワイン・ホットティー、 乾杯! 暖かい赤ワインはすぐに体の中から私を暖めてくれた、なんとなく幸せな気分になった。)





BTW, the dinner was the Okonomi-yaki. The “Kiji” is the famous restaurant, which is in the underground area of the Sky building. Your Okonomi-Yaki should order “ Omakase”, it will be best. Of course, we ordered “ Omakase” 
We shared; it gave us really good taste and happy time. We got warm by Okonomi-yaki and good talking of the Master. You should visit to “ Kiji”, if you go to there.

(そして、夕食はお好み焼き、”きじ”スカイビルの地下の有名なお好み屋さん、お任せがいいですよ!・・・ 当然、我々も“お任せでお願いします・・・” “紫蘇“、”モダン焼きそして”スジ”がでてきた、分けて食べた、それぞれ美味しく、幸せな時間だった、マスターのトークと美味しいでお好み焼きで、温まれた。 是非、スカイビルへ行く機会があればよるべし。)




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