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31 2007


Today is the day of Halloween.
Halloween has taken a firm hold on the Japanese lifestyle. 矢印下文辞書より引用 
Actually, that took root on Japanese children, didn’t it?  


Last Sunday was fine day, I drove near the Kitayama street in Kyoto. The Kitayama area was one of my like spot when I was in Kyoto-city. The Kyoto botanical garden was the favorite plaice especially.
The event of Halloween was open at north area of that. There were many jack-o’-lantern made from the big pumpkin. As a boy we used to make the lantern with an eggplant or a watermelon in summer. 矢印下文辞書より引用 Many people were wearing special costume and were enjoying.
How about your area?  Could you see the Halloween parade?

貴方の地域は如何ですか? 貴方はハロウインパレードを見られましたか?)

As a boy he was a good swimmer.
彼は子供のころ泳ぎがうまかった.  <as a boy 子供の時>

This new custom has taken a firm hold on the Japanese life-style
この新しい習慣は日本人の生活にすっかり定着した<firm hold 定着>

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29 2007

Saturday afternoon was the unstable weather.
It was raining, at the same time, some bundle of a sunlight was shining through the gap of the cloud.
When I drove a car close to the intersection, suddenly, the rain stopped.
I saw the outside, the gap of the cloud spread out, and then a rainbow appeared. I took a picture with driving in a hurry.
I stopped the car after I passed the intersection.Though, the rainbow disappeared soon.

(土曜日の午後は変な天気でした、雨が降っているのに雲の切れ目から光がさしていました。とある交差のそばを走っているとき、突然、雨が止みました、窓から外を見ると虹が出ていました。 急いで運転しながら写真を撮りました、交差点を過ぎてから車を停めましたが虹はすぐに消えました。)


Without thinking, I was humming a melody of “Over the rainbow”.
After that, I realized that I didn’t know of the word of that song.
That is very good song and funy story.
If I would like to become singing this song in English, I have to study about this word, haven’t I?



I heard, "Over the reinbow" was chosen as the best song in America at the 20th century in 2001.


Somewhere over the rainbow. Way up high.
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow. Skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.



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28 2007


What do you think that is? You guess that is a chair, don’t you? That is a kind of the chair certainly. When I saw it, I was very interesting, and took the photograph. (これは何だと思いますか、椅子のようでしょう、確かに椅子の一つです。これを見たとき面白くって思わず写真を撮りました)


The correct answer is the toilet of the sightseeing boat on the canal at Amsterdam. When I began to study English, they thought me the advice about the toilet. That was restroom was better than toilet. A toilet is an appliance of a restroom I like the toilet design, which is simple and light. In other words, the photograph is the simple toilet at the restroom of the sightseeing boat.


Restroom, lavatory, bathroom, ladies ’room, man’s room. .I recommend a restroom. you can say that you would like to wash a hand. It is better to lady. (レストルーム、ラバトリー、バスルーム、レディールーム、マンズルーム、私はレストルームをお勧めします、女性には”手を洗いたいのですが”なんかが良いですね)


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25 2007


I looked at the cosmos of such many for the first time.
When I set a camera, the Shinkansen passed with high speed.



The meaning of cosmos expresses order, harmony, the universe, and the world. It is typical flower of autumn in Japan, and we write it as a cherry flower of autumn with a Kanji. I love flower color of cosmos, which is beautiful, lovely. The colors overlaps then them charm was increased further. The harmony of white, pink, light red, crimson, and, green of thin leaf is wonderful. When wind blew to the flowers, then the flower waved finely, and it seemed to be the star on night sky or the wave on the sea, which twinkles, and it looked like the whole universe.
When the flower of cosmos wrapaed me softly, then it changed my mind calmly.
Disappear the stress of work!

私はコスモスの花は気持ちを和ましてくれました。 仕事のストレス飛んで行け!)

That is cosmos highway, I don’t know who named.
This area is at Aisou-chiyouCho in Shiga-prf.
It is near the Etigawa-station of the Oumi-line



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23 2007


You can see much Japanese pampas grass around the northeastern waterway of Lake Biwa. Several years ago, I heard that Japanese pampas grass was attacking by the wild grass, which came from overseas, and it was decreasing.

Do you know how the plant attacks other plant?

It is said that a plant releases original ingredient that other plant hates. They are fighting under ground every day, though we can not see it. I heared that the power of Japanese pampas grass is becoming strong in recent years. I think that Japanese pampas grass is most suitable in autumn of Japan. I hope Japanese pampas grasses will do they best. The enemy of you is the yellow exotic plant.



The comfortable scenery, the waterside, wild birds and Japanese pampas grass. I like that.




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22 2007


YAMABUKI is called the Japanese rose in English, color is golden, is the Flower of Uji-City.
YAMABUKI is the key word of spring in HAIKU, it express spring season.
Usually, it blooms in spring, and best season April and May.



I didn't know why, it was in bloom near Uji-river last weekend. Is it the influence of global warming?
Surely the hot day continued for a long time in the summer of this year.
Although I was glad to see a beautiful flower out of season.
I was worried about it. Would something happen on the weather of winter,




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21 2007

Weekend walking

The side of Uji river near the Amagase-dam is good walking spot. There are minus ions, fresh air, and the sound of water. It took about one hour to walk around there,
I got good feeling and relaxed. There were many hikers and anglers


The funny angler was in the east riverside. There were several goods that looked like a potted plant put on the parapet; he was doing fishing at side of that. Someone asked what that were, and he was explaining about one of the right side. There were matutake mushrooms that were made by paper in two small baskets. The scent was better rather than real matutake. It was because the artificial perfume was added on them. That seemed to be very deliciously.
Some small potted plants, the dry ground cherry and the moss plant were next to the paper matutake. He was explaining them continuously. It was very interesting.
You may be able to meet him, if you are Uji-river side on good Sunday of the weather.


It was some small autumn colors.




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19 2007


On the way back to office, I dropped in at a park that is beside the Lake Biwa to eat my box lunch.
I looked over the park, and could see many colors of beige into the color of green.
Beige is the color of fall, already autumn has come.

After lunch, I walked around the park.There were many small flowers that had each color that were blue, yellow, orange, and white.
On the beach, a tiny flower was there, color is white and about 3mm. I didn’t know her name, It was prettiest flower in the park. I picked the flower with my camera

Wild flower 01

I found persimmon tree near the former house. The color of a persimmon is a typical color of autumn of Japan. The taste of sour persimmon revived in my mouth.
The heat wave had gone.


Thank you for coming to my blog.
At last, I could begin this blog.
I do my best and write.
Please give me advice.



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