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31 2008

Today's Lunch

The sun light regained the brightness this morning after several days. The sunlight power is rather weaker than before, though it is warm. Well, I could get enough sleeping without the air-conditioner last night. I other words, It seemed the autumn has come over yonder already. As the saying is that we have to take care for health, when the season begins to change. So, I feel weary in body these days.
I guessed, I got more and more tired with the heat wave, accumulation tiredness.
With this thing and that, I wanted to have a lunch simply. And I went to the Udon restaurant, which is the self style. I had ordered cold noodles till last time.  But I wanted to try to eat the hot noodles this time. The good taste of Japanese soup of the drying bonito and drying kelp oozed into my mouth already. I thought that the season of the hot noodle had come. The Sanuki-Noodle is better, I think. As I went out the Udon restaurant, the heat wave came to my body. It was still summer!

(久しぶりに日差しが戻った、まだまだ暑いが、今までより少し日差しは弱い、昨晩はクーラーなしで十分睡眠が取れた、秋がそこまで来ていると言えるのかな?  季節の変わり目は健康に十分な注意が必要といわれているが、最近は体の調子が悪い、熱波の影響で疲労が蓄積しているのだろう、そんなかんやで、さっぱりしたランチを食べたくてうどんを食べに行った、この前までは冷たい麺が良かったが、今日は温かいのを注文、すでに鰹と昆布だしの香りが口の中に広がり、待ち切れない、温かい麺のシーズンがもう来たのかな?  うどんは讃岐が良いね!  店を出た時、暑い、まだ夏だ!)


The rain is showing us the terrible power these days.
The crazy rain is generating big issue on the many areas these days.
I guessed that it was the anger of the nature and the caution of the globe, and a tear.



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28 2008

Rainy day of Asakusa

It was the rainy day, though it was my first visit of Asakusa of Tokyo, for a business meeting. My hope was that I went to the temple after I was made to end the meeting as soon as possible. The temple’ name is Sensoji, which is famous about the big red Chochin of Kaminari gate; I suppose you already had watched it on the TV sometimes.
I wanted to see the red Chochin at a close place, which was one of the Symbols of the Asakusa area; and hoped to visit down town area.  But, one hour was the time, I could get to see at there; I thought, it was too short to see the wide area. And I narrowed visit point to the temple.. Many tourist were front of the big Chochin, I guessed it was also the main symbol of that temple. As I walked on the approach, many kind of foreign languages came into my ears. I could not count how many people of nationality came to there; but it was no doubt that there were Asian people, American people, and Europe people. Well, I remembered I often saw the photo of the red Chochin on the English magazine; it was typical tourist attractions in Japan, isn’t it?
  Of course, It was a famous tour route of the HATO-BUS too. So many girl students were there, they seemed probably high-school student. Much happy laughter came into my ears, at a crowded approach; In other words, it was a kind of the shout of joy, by shrill voice; I was overpowered with their energy. My school trip was at long time ago, and we visited Tokyo area, but I could not recall detail of that, because too much time passed already.

( 東京の浅草へ出張で初めて行ったけれど、その日は雨、打ち合わせを早く終わらせてお寺を見に行く計画だった、雷門の赤い提灯で有名な浅草寺、良くテレビなどで見るあの浅草寺だ、大きな提灯を側で見て、下町へも行きたかったが、一時間程度しか時間が作れなくて、浅草寺だけに絞り、探索開始、沢山の外国の観光客に提灯の前で遭遇した、提灯はやはりお寺のシンボル、その後、何カ国もの人に参道で出会う、アジア系、アメリカ系、ヨーロッパ系 間違いなくいろんな国の人たちだった、良く英語の雑誌であの赤い提灯が掲載されていた事を思い出し、やはり、日本の目玉の観光スポットなのだと再認識。
 もちろん、ハトバスの観光ルートにも当然入っているのだろう、沢山の女子生徒、高校生がハトバスの旗に沢山集まっていてた、混雑した参道でも楽しそうな黄色い歓声が耳に飛び込んでくる、彼女たちの勢いに圧倒された。 修学旅行で昔に東京周辺に来た事があるが、ほとんど覚えていない、遠い昔だった、なあ……)
They said, Asakusa area have had many shoe stores since the old day. Well, we could say that the area was a town of a craftsman, because I could find many small craftsman stores, in other words, there was a folksy town. I walked on the approach for the main building. So, I found the information message on the middle gate, this year was the year that they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the temple. The answer was the time, history was. For example, wide area of the ground was coated with cement. They said, the temple was rebuilt after big war. I thought that it was a great project! When it would get more long time, the temple would be wrapped with the history more like the Kyoto’s temple, though it got 50 years history already.


(Speaking of Asakusa, the well-known product is a Ningyo-yaki. I was surprised about the price, but after I bought it for my family,  There were many stores of Ningyo-yaki, I found different two types price system. At first system was, one piece was \100, and 10piece were \500, and we could get another one piece if I bought 10piece. In short, we could buy 11piece by \500. I bought it by \500 at the system store, then I got 11piece, but I guessed it was small size.  Another system was that one box was \500, but two boxes were \500 too. In other word, we could buy two boxes by \500. The size was bigger than previous one a little bit. I checked how many pieces were in the box.
It was 10pices in a box. Why?
Which was better? And which taste was better, I could not know, because I bought it at only one store. It seemed that they demanded us to had to buy by \500, which was minimum price. I would buy it another store in next time.
I saw that It was very business-minded of Kanto merchant. And it was really funny.)
I would like to walk around there next time.

(浅草と言えば、人形焼きでしょう、家族のお土産に買った後、価格に驚かされた! 沢山の店で人形焼が売られていて、二種類の価格のつけ方がある事に気がついた、一つは、一個¥100、十個で¥500、十個買うと一個ついて来る、早い話が11個¥500。
もう一つは、一箱¥500、二箱でも¥500、先のより少し大きいように思えたが、確認したら10個入っている、何で?どちらがベター、どらが美味しい! 調べられず! かれらは最低\500で買えと強要しているのか!
一種しか買っていないから、次回はもう一方のを試したい、東京商人の商売のたくましさを感じた、それと面白いやり方だ, そして周辺をもっと回ってみたい。)


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25 2008

Sunday Afternoon

At last, I got enough sleep without the electric air-condition on Sunday morning after about two months. I was listening to the singing of the insects on the bed on this morning as I was looking for the blanket. The air was really cold a bit. It was really comfortable to sleep, and I got up late.  The noises of the electric air-condition began to pass the baton to the singing of insects. The air of the morning gave me enough sleep, because the heat wave began to change comfortable more than last week.

On afternoon, I had to go to shopping by a car. The power of the sunlight became weak a little bit than last week. The summer day, which continued about 50 days, broke at last Saturday in Kyoto. It seemed that the crazy summer had gone already.  The weather forecaster said on the radio. Many dragonflies came from nowhere, and they are floating in the air on a field. I supposed, It was the typical view of the autumn. But, I have got to be on my guard, the power of the heat wave of this year is a big monster, which has the power bigger than regular year.

However, the rice field is dyeing to gold color day by day. Actually, It seemed that the autumn had come already. As I passed through the rice field, a red flower came into my view. The scene was really fantastic, the rice plants were weaving in the gentle wind and, were rustling. It seemed that the red lotus flower was floating on the green rice plant, and the rice plant was wrapping the lotus flower. It seemed that the lotus was Schneewwittcchen in the woods. Do you know that the lotus can open the flower just three days? And, after that the petal would drop, at the morning of the fourth days.
In other words, I would not be able to see it next Sunday.  The beautiful things are really short-lived. I did not know why there was a lotus flower.)

(稲田は日に日に金色に染まっていく、すでに秋になったようにも思える、畑の横を通り抜けるとき赤い花が見に入った、稲は優しいかぜにザワザワとなびき、赤い蓮の花は緑の稲も上に浮いているようで、又、赤い花は緑の稲に包まれているようでもあり、神秘的な眺めだった。 森の中の白雪姫みたいな感じ!  蓮の花は三日間咲き、四日目に花びらを落とします、知っていますか?
次の日曜日にはこの花はもう見られないのです、美しいものは短命ですね! でも何でそこに蓮が?)


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22 2008

Cheers! at Hot-spring.

Are you ready? Cheers!
The cups were a beer and wine and ume-wine.  The dinner was on the table that was in front of us. Every dish seemed taste would be good.  That was a restaurant of an inn of a hot-spring, I visited a hot-spring after a long time with my family. We went to a trip together with my family last was more than ten years before. Then my daughter chose the Yunogo area of Hyogo prefecture., because we would like to have enough rest time. There was a good hot-spring and there was no other things. It was very quiet area.
It was suitable area to get rest

(それじゃ、乾杯!  ワインとビールと梅酒で乾杯、前のテーブルのは美味しそうな夕食が並び、そこは温泉旅館のレストラン、久しぶりの家族での旅、この前一緒に温泉に来たのは十年以上前、娘が湯郷温泉を選んだのはゆっくりした時間を過ごせるから、良い温泉で、静かで、周りは何もない、本当に何もない! 休息にはもってこいの場所だ。)、

We found the small hot-spring for legs, it was free of charge and it was tiny. Unfortunately, other hot-springs were not free of charge. We spent the good time, so we were chatting idly.  And there were not busy. I could not get the photo at inside of the hot-spring, then I took the photo of the hot-spring for legs.

(小さな足湯があり無料、温泉はすべて有料少し問題? 人通りも少なく、何でも無い事を話し、リラックスした時間を過ごす。 足湯で足の記念写真。)


They held a musical performance of a piano at entrance hall of the inn after the diner time. The atmosphere was really good, but the music was so-so. I did not like to stay at there long time, then I made the decision that I went to a hot-spring again. As I was taking the outdoor bath, several stars were twinkling in the sky.  It was gentle rest time for me. Needless to say, the breakfast was really good too and I ate heartily.
I had a cup of café at entrance hall before a departure. We got a ticket of a café’ because we reserved the inn on Internet. But the taste of the café fell short of my expectation.
With this things and that I headed the car for the next place, I hoped for something new.



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20 2008

District Original Kitty & Others

Wow, why was there a Kitty at such a place?  When I took a walk in the old town of Kurashiki City, I met original Kitty of Okayama prefecture.  The name of the house was Sannrio House, I saw the many kind of products of the Kitty design at there. Of course, the Luke Kitty of gold color welcomed me at entrance of the house.  I was surprised by the district Kitty again, since I saw the Kitty of the Momiji-manju at Miyajima of Hiroshima prefecture.  Because, there were many kinds of sweet of Kitty.

(ワーオ、 こんな所にもキティーちゃんが、倉敷の旧市街を歩いていると岡山のご当地キティーちゃんに出会った、そこは”サンリオ屋”、沢山のグッズが並んでいた、もちろん金色の福キティーちゃんが玄関で迎えてくれる、広島の宮島のもみじまんじゅうキティーちゃんいらいの出会いに驚いが倉敷にはもっと沢山の種類のお菓子があった。)



And I found other interesting things more, because the old Town Street was the famous sightseeing area, The hometown of the Hoshino baseball manager was Okayama prefecture, wasn’t it?  Then, there was the memorial hall. I did not know about it.
I hope to see the toss of him into the air at the Beijing Olympic again

(それから、ほかにも面白いものが沢山あった、星野監督の出身地は岡山だ? だから、記念館もあった、北京オリンピックでもう一度胴上げを見たものだ!)

I could not know that the Big Cat of the fabric silk crepe was there. The fabric of silk crepe was not special production of Okayama, was it? I could not visit the house of Cat doll because I had a little time.

(それから、何故、そこにちりめんの猫がいるのか? ちりめん織物は岡山の名産だったっけ? 時間がないのでそこには入れなかった。)
There were old toys, which were made by tin plant. As a little boy, I used to play with similar toys. I had a memory a little bit about that, it was old good days.
It was my happy memory.


And there were interesting shops more.  There was really funny area.




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19 2008


EL GRECO is the coffee shop, which is really cozy space. I visited there last week, I supposed that you had seen a picture in the magazine at once. It is a famous coffee shop in Kurashiki of Okayama prefecture. It was a front of the Ohara-musiam and was built in Taishiyo period. The wall of the front was covered with ivy, which was deep green color. The shop name of EL GRECO was written on the small tent of red color. The contrast was very good, was making really good atmosphere.

( エル・グレコ(意味はギリシャ人)は居心地の良いコーヒーハウス、先週行つてきた、誰でも一度は雑誌の写真で見たことが有る岡山県、倉敷の有名なコーヒーハウス、大原美術館の前えにある大正時代に建てられた建物、正面の壁は緑の蔦で覆われ、赤い小さなテントに書かれたEL GRECOの文字とにコントラストが良い雰囲気を作っている。)

I went into the house, as was absorbed. The inside of the room was a little bit dark, and ceiling was high. It was not old Japanese style room design, I guessed it was called “ Yo-kan”. Among other things, the window was really beautiful. The window was floating on the space-time, as the old picture. The green color and many colors were casting a gentle light on the old windowpane with sunlight from outside. Old glass on the window is not uneven, it have delicate unevenness. I think, the sunlight is changed to gentle by going through the old glass.  And, the gentle scenery reflected on the windowpane, as the picture. 

I ordered the cafe, the sugar pot was old glass pot, it was interesting design. It was suited the atmosphere. Well, Kurashiki is famous of the Glass art. That was right, there were many glass shops near the old streets. Many classical and good design glasses were there, but I could not buy, though I wanted to get them, because the cost was high.
But, I would like to get a beer cup of old glass near future, if I can. BTW, many goods of old glass exhibited in the side room, were very profound design. I relaxed 30 minutes in the cozy space. You should visit EL BRECO if you come to Kurashiki.
(コーヒーを注文した、砂糖の入っていたガラスの器も面白い、ガラス素材が雰囲気に合っている、そう、倉敷はガラス工芸で有名だった、確かに旧市街の近くに沢山の店があつた、沢山のクラシカルなガラス製品が並んでいるが、高くて変えない、欲しいけど、でもいつか買いたい。 居心地の良い空間で30分歩で休んで、また、歩き出した、倉敷に行く機会があれば、是非、EL GRECOに行ってみてください。)



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17 2008

Awfully Hot Days

How do you express this hot condition?
・Isn’t it hot?
・It’s very hot today.
・Summers are very hot in Japan.
・It is awfully hot in Japan.
・We were hit by a heat wave.
・The heat wave is hitting me everyday in this summer.

I visited to the sun flower field of the Nanko area of the Hyogo-prefecture. The Nanko area is famous of over one million sunflowers. I knew it on the TV news. I went to there to see on my way to Kurashiki city on Tuesday because they said that we can see the sunflower until end of this month. The information center of highway gave me a map of the sunflower field and I could get the way to there easily. When I approached to there from north area, the yellow field came into my view. But the field did not have clear yellow color. It was different from my image of the sunflower flower field.


What’s happening?
Many sunflowers were turning backward droopingly. The sunflower usually faces the sun, doesn’t it?  I seemed that they were suffering from the summer heat.
Actually, it was very hot that day. But, I found several sunflowers, which were facing the sun. They were spry flowers, weren’t they?  I could not stay at out side so long, because it was really hot. I took the photo quickly and I headed a car to the Kurasiki city

(何で?   沢山の向日葵がうな垂れた後ろを向いていた、向日葵って、太陽の方を何時も向くんですよね? 花は熱波で夏バテしているいるようにも思えた、 確かに暑い日だ。でも何本かの向日葵は元気に太陽を見ていた、なんと元気な向日葵だ! 私は暑くて外に長く立っていられないので、急いで写真を撮り、車を倉敷へ向けた。)



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15 2008

Peace Mark

It is my favorite picture of Uji-fire work festival on this time. As it came, I got a happy feeling. ” It is peace mark, isn’t it?” “Very good!”
I think that I was really lucky; I could get the photo, though I pressed the button in a fluster. It recalled my memory, which the peace mark was much in fashion when I was young. It is my old good memory. It is wonderful technique that the peace Mark was designed in the fire work.
The Japanese pyrotechnist is great!

(宇治の花火大会で一番気に入った写真、開いたとき何か幸せな気分になった、「ピースマークじゃない」「良いね!」あわててシャッターを押したけど、写っていたので幸運だった。若いときピースマークが流行っていたことを思い出した、懐かしい! 花火にこの二コチャンマークをデザインするなんて、日本の花火師の技術はすごい!)



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15 2008

Mask Huse

Gojyo-slope is the most famous slope of Kyoto city. It is the way to reach to KiyomiThezu-temple.  any shops of the special product of Kyoto.  a ceramic shop, a folding fan shop, a Japanese sweet shop, and a Japanese restaurant. Speaking of Kyoto; many modern cultures were born. So, if you are lucky, when you visit at the side street, you can see many interesting things. At first, I found the jinrikisha, then I found some funny objects on the roof.

(京都でもっとも有名な坂は五条坂、清水寺への上り口で、京都の名産品の店が沢山ある、清水焼・扇子・京菓子・京料理など。 それと、京都は新しい沢山の文化を生んだといわれている、京都の町のわき道に入ると色んな面白いものを発見できる、人力車を見つけたときその奥の屋根の上に沢山のオブジェを発見した。)


Mask house Tori-I was written on the signboard.  What was it?   It was written Okonomi-Yaki on another signboard.  So, it was Okonomi-Yaka restaurant, which had a typical atmosphere of Kyoto. I like Okonomi-Yaki and it was lunch time, but it was so hot day that I could not go to the Okonomi restaurant the day. If I get the chance to visit to the Gojyo-Slope again I will try to eat the Okonomi-Yakai. The best season of the Okomoni-Yaki is the winter and autumn, I think.  it would be more interesting to see the inside of the restaurant. I am looking forward to visiting there. Go up the Gojyo-Slope and go through about 30m then turn the left, you can see it on your left side.


(面家鳥居と看板が出ていた、何だろう? もう一つの看板にお好み焼きと書いてある、お好み焼屋だ、京都的な店だ、昼飯時だし、お好み焼は大好物だが、この暑さでは食べる気にならない、又、今度来た時に食べよう、秋から冬にかけてが良いな、店の中は面白そうで興味津々、今度来るときが楽しみだ、五条坂を上がって、30mほど歩き、左に曲がると左側に見える。)



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13 2008

Fire work Uji-city

 The launch time of the event of the fire work was 7:45 pm. I left home at 7:00 pm, and my destination was the bank of the river, which was best place to look at fire work.
Usually, it takes about 30 minutes by foot. When I reached the halfway between the river and my house, I joined many people, who were going toward the river. After a while, the sidewalk was overflowing by people. Many people already were keeping many places, which were far away from the river. For example were a corner of the road, a car park, a vacant lot, and a center of the road. As I went forward more, I could not walk smoothly, because the road became busy more and more. 
 The time came at last, it was 7:45pm; the sound of shooting up of the fire work came into my ear. But I could not see it, which was hidden by the building and a big wood. I went forward, and I got the place to see clearly presently, though I could not reach the bank of the river. It was the road to the river. I decided that I stayed there to look the fire work, because I could not go forward more.


Why! I could take a picture clear. It was really difficult to take photo of fire work. I pressed the button any time, but I could not take the photo of the fire work. To press the button on best timing was far from easy. I took the photo by chance, and I understood my timing was too late; I had to press the button before the fire work saw the full shape. It was very difficult timing. I tried many times, and then it was difficult though I could get several photos.

(何で! 花(花火の写真がうまく撮れない、何度もシャッターを切るが、写真が写っていない、タイミングなかなかうまくいかない、でも、偶然撮れた、そうか、タイミングが遅かったのか、花火が開く少し前にシャッターを切らないとだめなのか、アー 難しい! 何度も挑戦しているうちに何とか写真は撮れた。) 

Suddenly, the fire launched into the dark sky.
As the sound echoed into my body, the air was vibrating in the dark sky, the big flowers of the fire were open in the dark sky, and it looked like the drawing, which was painted on the black canvas by many color lights. The rolling of the wave of the light and the wave of the sound was continued on a while, until rest time. After that the sky went back to the dark again. But, the sky was not dark so long.
Because, the next fire work was set off soon. Such a great show was continued about one hour. The shaved ice with syrup soaked into my throat, the taste was really cold.
And it was good for dry throat. The fire work of my town was end this year, I was afraid that my town would be able to hold the show at the next year, because I heard it was very difficult to gather enough expense. I am looking forward to seeing the show next year. I want to watch the show at the bank of the river; it is the best place to see.

(突然、火が闇夜に打ち上げられる、 ドン・・・・ドン・・・ドン・ドン・ドン・ドン・・・
音が体に響く、闇夜の空気が波打っている、暗闇の花火の花が開く、まるで黒いカンバスに何色ものペンライトで描かれた絵のようだ、しばらくの間、光の波と音の波が交互に押し寄せる、そして、空が又暗くなる次の休息まで。 でも、暗い空はそう長くは続かない、すぐの次の花火が始まるから、そんなすごい花火が一時間ほど続いた、冷たいかき氷で乾いた喉を潤した。これで、今年のおらが町の花火は終わった、聞くところによると、費用を集めるのが大変なようだ、来年の開催が少し心配だが、来年も期待、今度はもっと良い場所、川の土手で見物したい。)

花火 fire work
花火を打上げる  set off ・ display → 難しいややこしいときは do で OK
花火の打ち上げ  sending up ・ shooting up



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09 2008

An offering

I changed the title, in order to recall its original intention of this blog and to study English.

It looked like flower field, a speed of a car was so fast that I could not see the field clearly. And flower field was distant of about 500m from the car. I tried to check about it, wanted to take photo, if it was interesting things, and I could get new topic.
It was the lotus field, flowers were in the bloom, color was pink. Wonderful!  The flowers and the leaves were smaller than the lotus of Biwa Lake, but flower were much more.  And the flowers were so high than leaves that I could see the many flowers clearly.  In case of the Biwa Lake, the color of surface was the green, because many flowers were hidden by big leaves.

What are you doing?
Are you picking the leaf of the lotus?
”・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・  (She turned a face to me)“
What will you do with it?
”・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・  (She showed a faint smile)
Will it be an offering?
“・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ (She nodded without voice)
” I see, thanks”
“・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・(She turned his back to me, and he began to work again)
The Bon Festival will come soon.

・ ・・・・・・・・・・
・ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・こちらを向いた
・ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・少し微笑んだ
・ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・無言でうなずいた
・ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・彼は背中を向けて、又、仕事をはじめた




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06 2008

On hot summer evening

Sky began to dye to pale gray color. I remembered that the forecaster said that weather would change to bad from afternoon on this morning.  I see! I understood, I would not be able to see the color of the sunset. The West Mountain was floating in the air of light gray color. The sun did not show me the red face such a today. The white wave was rushing on the water’s surface toward the beach with the gentle evening wind. 
As I drove through the north of Big Bridge, the color of the yellow came in to a rearview mirror. Oh! I thought that it was probably the sunflower field, and I turned to the right, to go back to the sunflower field.

(空はグレーに染まり始めていた、今朝、天気予報では午後から天気が崩れるといっていた、なるほど、なら夕日は見えないだろう、西の山は淡いグレー色の空気の中の浮かんでいる、夕日も赤い顔を見せてくれない、今日は。 白波が湖面を岸に向かって走る、やさしい風と一緒に、琵琶湖大橋の北側を走り過ぎた時、バックミラーに黄色が飛び込んできた。おや、向日葵畑だ、そこまで戻るためにハンドルを右へ切った。)


Green color of the sunflower was not clear because the sunlight was weak already. The yellow flower color was clearer than green color though, because the saturation of yellow was higher than green. However, the sunlight was weak and sky color was gray, then the atmosphere was really soft. Young couple sat down on a bank of the Lake and they were seeing the west mountain and something. I guessed, the future of them came into their view, and they were talking about their dream, as gentle wind wrapped them.
I thought that the sunflower at the evening would give me the good atmosphere, if I was with you
(太陽の光が弱かったので緑色はぼやけていた、花の黄色は緑よりハッキリ見えた、彩度が高いからだろう、すでに空の色は薄グレー、光は淡く、雰囲気はすごくソフト! 若いカップルが土手に座っている、西の山を見ているのだろうか? 何を見ているのだろう? 多分、彼らの目には彼らの未来が映っているのだ、そして、やさしい風に包まれて、彼らの夢について語っているんだろう、あなたと一緒なら夕方の向日葵もまたおつなもんだ、なんて、思う!)



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04 2008

Thank you very much!

Thanks for everybody, my blog got over 10000 access.
It is a great encouragement to me、because I am studying about something,.
And I got a lot of wonderful comment. Thanks for everyone again.
I would like to try to new thing more.
Please, give me a lot of comment and advice, so I can improve next time.


mChat 0001

It is my imaginary scene that I am chatting with everybody cheerfully



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03 2008

Tiger lily

Tiger lily is the suited name of that flower. The flower color look like the Tiger by Black color spots with orange. I think that English name is better than Japanese, because Japanese name is “ Oni-Yuri”. Tiger is better than “Oni”.  The tiger flower was bending before the wind. I was on the beach of “Mikawa” of the Sea of Japan on fine day. The summer had come on there already. The white towering thundercloud was floating in the air and the sky was clear blue. The water of the sea was glittering with the Sun light. as the clear blue. Many sea birds were playing at the seashore. Actually, it was the summer scenery. So the sand was heating by the summer sunlight. I could not stand there so long, because heated air came from ground. The tiger lily is so powerful that it can live on such beach. And it shows us the beautiful shape which suits such summer scenery.



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