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26 2009

One other face of Jonan-gu

Jonan-gu has one other face; it is the camellia’s garden. The bamboo was shining with the deep green color, and the red camellia bloomed close together. It showed us the typical Japanese beautiful color contrast. Right now, the ume garden was gorgeous, but the camellia area showed us the smart and simple scene and color. Both views were beauty of Japan. After a while, I found the white camellia, which had red color spots. Many camellias were there but it was difficult to meet the flawless flower Almost, the flower has not perfect shape, so it had many small flaws. The camellia is really sensitive flower, isn’t it? 

(城南宮はもう一つの顔を見せてくれる、それは椿、 太い竹が深い緑色に光、赤い椿に花が寄り添う、本当に綺麗な日本の色のコントラスト、今、梅林は豪華、でも、椿は質素な色と姿を見せてくれる。どちらも素晴らしく綺麗な日本の美だ。  少し歩いて、白に赤いまだら模様が混じった椿を見つけた、ほとんどの椿の花は傷ついている、完璧な花を見つけるのは難しい、デリケートだな・・・・・)



The golden carp was swimming in the pond that the red petal of the camellia was floating.
That sight was very gracefully. What did people consider in such environment of Heian Era?
I felt as if Heian court nobles hid behind a building.

(赤い椿の花弁が舞い降りた池で、金色の鯉が泳いでいる、なんと優雅なんだ、平安時代の人々はこんな中で何を思っていたのでしょうね、 建物の後ろに平安の公家さんが隠れているような錯覚をふと感じた。)



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24 2009

Ume Blossom of Heian Era

The Jonangu is one of the Kyoto famous shrines, which has the great flower garden. It is located in the south of Kyoto city, near the Kyoto North Interchange. The origin was in the Heian period; the retired emperor built it to revive the world of the Genji story. And, it is a kind of Imperial villa.  It is said that Shirakawa retired emperor was very eager to build the Jyounan Imperial villa. The graceful life of Genji period was the longing of the court noble of Heian era, wasn’t it?  They made the ideal garden, which was filled up with many kind of bloom flower on each season, so they wanted to keep the flower during a year all along. And, It is called “ The garden of flower”; of course we can see the many kind of flower there; and the most famous flower is the “ Shidare-Ume”, which is weeping plum tree

(城南宮は豪華な花の庭で有名な京都の神社、名神高速道路の京都南インターの近くにある、平安時代に創建、白川上皇の思い入れ深く、源氏物語の世界を再現すべく建てられた離宮といわれている。平安貴族は源氏物語の世界に深い憧れを持っていたのだろう、 彼らは理想的な空間を作ろうと、四季の花が咲誇り、一年中花が絶えない庭を目指した。 “源氏物語・花の庭”と名づけられた庭にはいろんな花が咲き誇る、特にしだれ梅の優雅さに驚かされる。)




Best time to see the ume flower is from middle of February to beginning of March. Because, the weeping plum flower are bigger than regular ume flower. As you approach the garden, the sweet aroma will come into your nose. And as you approach more, the deep and vivid pink color will come into your view from your right side. In no time, the deep and vivid white color will come in your eyes, from many places. And light pale pink color and clean white color. It is said, one hundred fifteen plum trees are in the garden. What a beautiful garden! What a wonderful space! I had a feeling that the laugh voice of Heian period came into the bottom of my heart. And, It was my brief luxury time. You should come to “Jyounangu garden” if you come to Kyoto, you can feel the atmosphere of the Heian period.

そこでは、平安時代の優雅な人々の声がしたような・・・・・ はんなりとした気持ちになれた。



Please, certainly check the condition about the flower of the garden, when you make the plan. I recommend that from middle of February to middle of May is best. You can meet the plum flower of Heian Era or cherry flower of Heian Era in that period, if you are lucky. Specially, they hold an event of“ Kyokusui-no-En” in April 29. It is the party of the tanka poets of Heian Era style. They revive the party of same style once a year to inherit old culture. All poets put on the Kimono of Heian era.
At first, they float the glass of sake on the water of stream to deliver to next poet. Next poet has to make the tanka by the time of glass arrival.
If the poet can not make the tanka on time, the poet has to drink the grass of sake, as a penalty. It is the “Kyokusui-no-En”. Indeed it is the graceful event.






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21 2009

Golden Cloud in Asakusa

There is a structure that I have taken interest in it since my first visiting.
That is Asakusa of Tokyou. There is the Sensoji, which is well-known Temple of the Asakusa. And, most famous gate is the Kaminarimon, which has famous big red color paper lantern. You can reach to there, after you turn to the right from subway station. If you want to visit, you can understand to correct direction easy, because always many people head; the most crowded street is correct route.
But this time, please make attention to opposite side, which is Sumida-river.
Wow! What is it? It is like the Golden cloud, isn’t it? ?????・・・・? So, Songoku’s・・・)

(始めた見た時から気になる建物?がある、そこは東京浅草、浅草は浅草寺が有名赤い大きな提灯で有名な雷門、地下鉄を降りて右に向かうとたどり着ける、いつも沢山の人がそこに向かうので混んでいる道が正しいルート、でも、反対側に注目して欲しい、隅田川の方向だ、 ワー!  何だこれは! 金斗雲見たいにも見えますね???・・・? 孫悟空の乗っている。)



I was headed there by my curiosity on this time.
As I approached it, it showed me the wonder shape.
Wow! It was the Asahi Beer hall? Why does it have such a shape?

ワー! それはアサヒのビヤホールでした、何でこんな形しているのだ。

追伸:街灯の上のかもめはほんものです! )





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16 2009

Oh、Dressed up car culture

As I went in the second hall, the Silver Benz and Gold Benz came into my view. Here was the place of Auto Messe Osaka, the exhibition of Dressed up cars and tuning cars.
At the start, I was surprised by gorgeous Benz, because I had never visited such a show yet.  It seemed that many cars came out of the magazine, and that were glittering.. In an instant, I was overpowered by the brilliant atmosphere. I got feeling that the hall was filled with feverish air by Car fan.. It was enough power; they excited me soon.

(二番フオールへ入ったとき、金色と銀色のベンツが目に飛び込んできた、ここは、大阪オートメッセ、ドレスアップ&チユーにングモーターショーの会場、この手のショーは初めてなので最初にベンツに驚かされた、雑誌から抜け出してきたような眩い車、瞬間に華やかな雰囲気に圧倒された。 会場は車のファンで一杯だった、私も直ぐに興奮させられた。)





You know already, the business environment of an automobile industry was very bad, suddenly the selling car amount decreased was the direct cause. Many commentator explain that young people’s buying power go down year after year is one of the reason. Actually the commentator’s opinion is not wrong, but I guess that it have other many primary factors, and I did not get such an atmosphere from the hall in the least. Because, many people’s eyes were shining, and I caught many shout of joy. 
It may be an improper expression; I guess the important reason is that young peoples, who do not have enough money to buy, are increase. And the report of business depression is exaggerating by mass media every day.  In other words, I guess that I can say, they reduce the people’s buying power.  By the way, there is the country, which has a special Prime Minister, who suddenly begins to speak the childish comment. Actually, the wage differentials are spreading even now. Of course, mass media cover many big issues every day, but I hope them to cover more lively news consciously. For example is this Auto show.




In case of me, my friend altered the interior of the car, and he made the bedroom space by himself at the rear of the car of Wolks Wagen’s one box; because they had no shop of turning and decorating..  We went to short trip to Tokyo area with the car on winter holiday by the car.
It was the story of over 30 years ago. In the time、the main style of the car was sedan, the one box style was rare design. The Japanese carmaker produced the sedan type and a truck; one-box type was made by order. The car style was changed, the box style became to main design these days, because people wanted to keep the large space. When I was a young, people wanted the car to run fast. I think, the decorated car is the fashion in recent year. In other words, it was growing up to the culture; I got such a feeling from the exhibition.

(私の友達はワンボックスのフォルクスワーゲンの後部にベッドスペースを自分で作りました、改造してくれる店が未だ無かったから、それで冬休みに東京へ短い旅行に出かけたりしました。 その時代はセダンタイプが中心でワンボックスワゴンタイプは特殊でしたから。 30年以上前の話ですが。



・・・・・・・・・・・・・     ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・      ・・・・・・・


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13 2009

Hiroshima Tram & Skeltal dome

Many people know, Hirosihma city has a funny tram system; the city area is covered with many kinds of design trams; because they have gathered many used cars from many parts of the country. When I visited previous I got strong emotion, for I could see the tram of old Kyoto. Of course, Kyoto had the tram before; as a boy I used to take a tram many times. Therefore, I recalled my happy memories by meeting the old Kyoto tram; I thought so. This time I saw a Europe design’s tram, and then it reminded me of the scene of the town of Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, and other towns. It was really modern style. I did not know why, but I had never taken tram, which was called Hiroden in Hirosima yet.  Fortunately the meeting finished on early time than a schedule time. For that reason, I got the free time, which was an hour to the Shinkan-sen.. I went to the station by tram though it took about 40 minutes, although I could get there with only 10 minutes by JR line.

(広島を走る市電は全国から古い車両があてめられ,今も元気に走っている事で有名だ。 前回来た時は京都の古い市電に合えて感激した、京都は以前市電が走っており、良く利用した、昔の事を思い出したのだろう、今回はヨーロッパ風のモダンな車両に遭遇した、フランクフルト、ウイーン、そして アムステルダムで見かけるような、なぜか、未だに広島で市電・広電乗ったことが無い、今回幸運にも会議が予定より早く終わり、新幹線まで一時間近くある、JRで10分ほどで新幹線の駅まで行けるが40分程度掛かるであろう市電で駅へ向かった。)




After a while, I recalled the old memory when I went to school with the tram vaguely. It seemed that the time passed really slowly; I felt that the tram was narrower than my old image. The fare was 150 yen one time in the city area. After a short travel, which was 10 minutes, the station name of Genbaku-Dome came in into view, I understood it was there. I got out the tram in a flurry to go to the park.  I could visit there, and I could stay there about 30 minutes, it was not long but it was not short. So I could visit the dome, and took a walk around the park.. I wanted to see more, but the time came soon, and then I had to take the tram again to JR station. I heard that Hirosima is one of favorite city of three cities by foreign tourist. Probably, it was Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima. If I get a chance, I hope to look around the Hirosima city, without hurry. I think that Hiroshima showed us the one evidence of history of human been. It is the proof of peace.

(しばらくすると、何となく市電で学校へ通っていた思い出が浮かんだ、電車のなかは時間がゆっくり流れていく、 案外狭いのだ、もっと広く感じていたが、 料金は一律市内一回150円、 10分程度の短い乗車の後
原爆ドーム駅の看板が目に入った、 個々が平和公園か、あわてて電車を降りた。
30分ほど時間があつたので, 公園をぶらぶら散策、 もつとゆっくりしたいが、 汽車の時間が直ぐに来てしまった、 広島は海外の旅行者が訪れたい三大市のうちの一つと聞いている、京都、奈良そして広島、時間が取れれば是非, ゆっくりと回りたい。 広島には人類の平和への歴史の証拠の一つがあるから。)







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11 2009

Hoteisan (Manpukuji)

Ever since I got new camera, I had gone out to looking for object on weekend, if I got fine day. On last Sunday, it was really fine weather, and it was typical winter day, and then it was cold a bit. I visited to Hoteisan in Manpukuji-temple, because I found the information that they hold the festival there. When I surfed on the wave log, the news of Hoteisan festival got into the screen. It was that they hold Hoteisan festival at Manpukuji-temple on the eighth every month, and an admission fee was free for that eighth day of every month.
I had never visited there, though it was very near my house, so I could get there about 15 minutes by a car. The news told me that they held an open-air market, and it seemed very good subject for me to take photo. In addition, they said that a concert would be held too.
As I show the Hoteisan, my feeling become happy, because he has plump body, and he has always all smiles. Really, we can say it is the smiles of luck..)

(新しいカメラを手入れてから、天気がよければ、週末には被写体を探しに出かけている。 日曜日は少し寒かったが典型的な良く晴れた冬日だった、ネツトでサーフィンしていると布袋祭りが毎月8日に開かれてその日は入山料金が無料と案内が飛び込んできたので、萬福寺の布袋さんに会ってきた。 今回初めて立ち寄った、車で15分程度と近いのに今まで行ったことが無かった、青空市場・コンサートなどのイベント、良き写真の題材だと思ったから。 布袋さんを見ていると幸せな気分になります、そのふくよかな体、満面の微笑、ホント福笑いですね。)



The Manpukuji is the temple, which has peculiar atmosphere, because it was built in 1661 by a bonze named Ingen, who was invited from China. Therefore, the gate has the round curve line, which looked like the China design. And a water jar, an incense burner, and a partition were made with China design too. A wood block of fish design was a big size, as I showed it, I wanted to hit it in spite of myself. But I could not do so, because a fence of bamboo enclosed the wood block. I guess many people want to do so too, if they can hit.

(萬福寺は1661年に隠元法師により建てられた独特の雰囲気を持つ寺、門は丸いカーブのデザインで中国的、水瓶・香炉・間仕切りなども中国を感じさせるデザインだ。 馬鹿でかい木魚、叩いてみたくなるが竹の柵で仕切ってあった、仕切りが無かったら皆、叩きたいだろうに。)




As a matter of course, the garden design has an atmosphere of China. I had never seen such a temple bell, which was hung at a roofed passage. When people happened to meet such Chinese culture at first, what impression did they get? It is the romantic of the old history, isn’t it?  I was forwarded to old time only a moment by the space of there. I recommend you, please visit Hoteisan at there. The eighth day is best.






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08 2009


There was no cloud on the sky, air was cold a bit, but Sunlight was dazzling. Peaceful scenery, which was tense.   The water looked really cold.
Many migratory birds were floating on the surface of the water. The wild duck, the gull, and the swan were; it was a first time to meet the swan. I heard that the swan came there, but I had never seen it.  I was very lucky, I did not know why my feel became gentle, as I showed a swan, it made me calm. It was really elegance, it suit winter Lake Biwa. They came from North Country; I guessed that the homeward flight to north is going to begin soon at north area. I wanted to see the scene, which they spread them wings. But it was really difficult because they were floating peaceful indeed. When they begin to move to North Country, after that, spring will come soon.  Spring is just around the corner, isn’t it?




(雲一つ無い、少し空気は冷たく、ギラギラした日差し, ピンとした穏やかな景色、冷たそうな水。沢山の渡り鳥が水面を漂っていた、鴨・かもめ・そしてコハクチョウ、コハクチョウの会うには初めてだ。ここに彼らが来ることは聞いていたが、今まで会えなかった、
冬の琵琶湖に優雅な姿は良く似合っていた。 北の国から彼らはやって来た、北の方ではもう北帰行が始まっているだろう。飛んでいるところを見たかったが、彼らはゆったりとただ波間に浮かんでいた。 渡り鳥が帰り始めると、春がやってくる、もう春はそこまで来ているのかなあ・・・・・・)






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06 2009

The flower of clean color

On the crisp morning, I dropped in on the place that I could meet spring every year earliest than other place. No cloud on the sky, which was a blue. The cold air was tense.
The west mountain put on the white shawl.
It seemed that the General Winter had still stayed.
A color of a yellow shone into the clean color of the blue and white.
It was the rape flower, which began to start flowering
It was the flower, which was told to welcome spring.. It probably will show us full blossom after two weeks or three weeks, same as last year.
The yellow color made me happy feeling a bit and I got the feel of a foreboding that spring has come already.




By the way, you know, the Business condition is very bad these days. It seems that it is very difficult to get well soon; in other word it looks bottomless condition. But, every day has next day; the next season of the winter is spring.. I got feeling that the yellow flower taught me such things.
And I must have a memory, which next winter will come again after the fall.

(ビジネス環境は極めて厳しい、直ぐに回復は望めないだろう、最悪だ!  でも、明日は必ず来るのだ、冬の次は春だ!   その鮮明な黄色はそんなことを教えてくれているようだ、でも、秋の次は再び冬が来ることも忘れてはならない。)




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04 2009

Scatter parched beans and rice cakes

Yesterday was the day before the beginning of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar.
When I went out for the suburbs, I dropped in to the Taga-shrine on a lunch break incidentally.
I had checked that they had special event of the day. Fortunately, the event was not beginning yet.
Many people were already there, and they were looking at a main building of the shrine. They were performing a service at the inner part; many people who were wearing the red cap surrounded it.  So, that red cap was the style of the 60th birthday. After a while, a high-pitched voice of an announcement came into my ears. The scattering of parched beans to drive out evil spirits and summon good luck would be open as soon as they can after preparation.  Soon, many red caps came on the stage from the main building by the lead of two Shinto priests. The high-pitched voice followed, “now, it is the time, the scattering of parched beans will begin by the people who get the 60th birthday this year soon.”  “ At the start, the demons enter the stage.” After that, they beat the drum, and then three demons appeared on the stage. Two Shinto priests attacked three demons by beans, after that the demons run away from the stage.

(昨日は節分、出かけたついでの昼休みに多賀大社へ寄ってみた、幸運にも節分のイベントはまだ始まっていなかった、沢山の人出だった、皆の目線の先、本殿を見てみると赤い帽子を被った大勢の人に囲まれて、中のほうで神事が行われていた。 そう、還暦を祝う時のそれだ、少ししてから、甲高い声で、準備ができ次第直ぐに厄払い・幸運を招く豆まきを恥じまます、と聞こえてきた。 直ぐに、二人の神主に従えられた赤い帽子が本殿から部隊へお出ましになった。




After they slew the demon, the main event time came at last. More than one hundred red caps were all present on the stage: it was very powerful scene, wasn’t it? The high-pitched voice came again, “ They are going to scatter small rice cakes soon, after the signal that the Shinto priests let off arrows.”  On the moment, they shot the bow, it was begun, the crowd cheered wildly and then many rice cakes were scattered in the air. It was the special event at the Taga-shrine of the Shiga-prefecture on before day of the beginning of spring.

.( 鬼が退散した後、いよいよメインイベント、百人以上の赤い帽子が舞台に出揃った、驚きの迫力! 甲高い声が、再び、“神主さまに弓やを合図に御餅が撒かれます “ そのとき矢は放たれ、観衆の歓声と共に御餅が空中を舞った、 多賀大社の節分のイベントでした。)





・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・   ・・・・・・・    ・・・・・・・・・・・・・


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02 2009

Garden of the fine arts

Talking of the Kyoto, it is a world-famous city、 which has many old buildings. As for that, it is well known all over the world. Of course, I understand that you know already it. 

And furthermore, Kyoto has many modern cultures; a garden of fine arts is one of the modern buildings in the Kyoto. It is north of Kyoto botanical garden, and it is near sub way station of Kitayama. It was built 14 years ago, though I had never been there.


On weekend, I dropped in there, after I went to botanical garden. Unfortunately, it was very cold day, however, I could see the arts calmly, because the garden was not busy.  The garden was surrounded the big concrete walls and the flow of the water. It seemed really modern space. A brochure explained me that Mr. Tadao Ando designed it.  The main cast of the garden is the porcelain panel, which was photoengraving on the panel of Shigaraki-yaki. You should go to there, if you get a chance to came to Kyoto, you can meet many great arts.

My fervorate poroelain panel is the “Last Judgment” by Michlangelo that is 1430cm × 1309CM.


週末に植物園へ行ったついでに寄ってきた、あいにく寒い日だった、でも空いていたのでゆっくり楽しむことができた、庭はコンクリートの壁と、水の流れで囲まれ、モダンな空間を見せてくれました、安藤忠雄デザイナーの作品だそうだ(説明書より)、メインの展示物は陶板画、建物とうまく合っている、信楽焼きで有名な絵画が転写印刷され焼かれているので、私は“ミケランジェロの最後の審判”1430cm×1309cmが気に入った。 京都観光の時には是非立ち寄るべし。)








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