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29 2010

Hana-ikada. Is it a flower?

When I went to UJi River side, and I walked watching the plain color flower on the tree.
There were many yellow flowers at both road side of the approach to the main gate of the temple. It was the entrance of the Eishinji temple. Last weekend, The Japanese rose tempted me to go to the Eishinji temple again. It seemed that the yellow flower was not powerful than last year; I guessed that the full bloom was delayed by the cold weather condition on this year. However, it gave me an excellent aroma of spring.
As I went through the main gate, I noticed that there was a different atmosphere than regular year. Several small groups of a visitor were there, was the reason. And each guide was explaining for the group member about the temple and the garden.  The guide seemed the volunteer. When I looked over the garden, the voice of the guide came into my ears. It appeared that the garden had many rare plants. After I heard the explanation, it seemed a small botanical garden.

(木に咲く地味な花を見ながら、宇治川の横を歩いた、お寺の参道の両側には沢山の黄色い花が、ここは恵心院の入口、今年も山吹に誘われて恵心院に寄ってみた。去年より少し花に勢いが無いように思われるのは、ここ最近の異常気象により寒い日が多いのが原因なのか? 今年も、春の香りをかぐことができた。門をくぐると、何かいつもと雰囲気が違う、幾つかの小グループがお寺とその庭についてガイドから説明を受けている、ガイドはボランティアのようだ、庭を見渡していると、彼らの説明が耳に飛び込んでくる、どうやら庭には幾つか珍しい植物があるらしい、今まで知らなかった、庭が小さな植物園に見えてきた。)



This time, let me introduce about curious flower. I attached the photograph below. There were three small projections on the leaf, it was the female flower. So the tree was the female. And one small projection on the leaf, it was the mail flower, So the tree was the mail. There were the flowers on the leaf to my surprise. It was the mysterious flower, isn’t it? A name is “ 花筏”、pronunciation is Hanaikada. I guessed the leaf looks like a raft; probably it was named the flowers on the raft by ancient people. And it is the plant indigenous to Japan. I think, the name is really Japanese way of thinking. Just now we can see the flower, because it is the flower season. But usually it is difficult to understand it is the Hanaikada, it will seem normal tree. You should drop in to the temple, if you visit to UJi city of the Kyoto. And. The flower color is the green, it is not conspicuous. You have to check from near the tree.

名前は“花筏” 葉っぱが筏のようで、昔の人は粋な名前をつけたものですね、日本の固有種らしいです、ホント、日本的な名前ですね、この時期に花は見られますが、普段は他の木と区別するのは難しいです、宇治へお越しの時には是非、立ち寄ってみてください。)








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25 2010

Lovely Hobgoblin at Kitano

Taisyogun-shopping street is south of the Kitano shrine of the Kyoto. Kyoto is famous of the birthplace of the tram in Japan. Unfortunately, it was abolished already.
The railhead of the tram was near there. When I was a boy, I used to visit there, because Kitano shrine had held the fair on 25 days every month. I remember, there was really crowded street. I dropped in there after an interval of 30 years in passing the tubaki temple. I reached the east starting point of the shopping street, and the red big flag met me. The entrance of the “妖怪ストリート入口“ was written on it. Of course, it attracted my interest. I walked through the shopping street with my camera to take the photo of the “妖怪“. By the way, how do you say “妖怪”in English. I looked up about it in a dictionary soon. It showed me some words.
Ghost ・ Bogy ・ Specter ・ Hobgoblin ・Monster.
I thought, most accurate image was the Hobgoblin. The meaning of the “hob” is mischievous. And in other words of the ”goblin” is a pixie. Because, my image of “ 妖怪“is very lovely and very joyful small monster. What do you think of that? Please have a good look at below; I attached those photos.



(大将軍商店街は京都の北野神社の南側にある、京都は市電の発祥の地として有名だが、残念ながら廃止されてた、商店街はその基点駅のすぐ近くだ。子供の頃親父が毎月の25日の縁日の日に良く連れて行ってくれたのを覚えている。この前、椿寺へ行ったときおおよそ30年振りに 寄ってみた。商店街の入口へ差し掛かると、大きな旗が歓迎してくれる、“妖怪ストーリー入口”と書いてある、当然、興味を引かれ、カメラを片手に”妖怪“探索を開始してみた。
そこで、”妖怪“って英語でどう言うの? 辞書で調べるとこんな単語が出てきた。
Ghost(幽霊) ・ Bogy「悪霊」 ・ Specter(亡霊) ・ Hobgoblin(妖怪) ・Monster.(怪物)
Hobgoblin が一番いいかな、HOBは何かいたずらっ好きな意味を含んでいてGOBLINは小さな妖怪的な意味を持っていて、どこか可愛い、憎めない、彼ら日本の妖怪にはピッタリかな。どうですか、そんなところで? 写真を添付しますので、見てみてください。)





By the way, a mannequin, which had no head seemed one of the “妖怪”, was very interesting.




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19 2010

Wild flower at river side

Last week’s weather condition was very bad, cold and rain, though the sky was dyed by a pale pink color of cherry flower; it seemed that every thing backed to the winter.  And, Sunday morning, the sky color is changing already to the light green by a sprout.
A pink pale color showed us spring come, it decorated the beautiful spring view, and it dyes a ground now. Please pay attention to the ground.

As I walked a river side, many small wild flowers came into my view. A most prominent flower was the dandelion, for a Yellow color was very stand out color. And, regrettably, I did not know almost all flower names. So, I decided to take their photograph.






(先週は天気の悪い、寒い雨の日が続いた、せっかく桜がピンク色に咲き誇っていたのに。まるで冬に逆戻りしたようだった。 でも、日曜日の朝は晴れた、見上げると桜の木はすでに新芽で緑色、足元を見ると、春を告げ、空をピンクの染めた花びらは殆ど地面に落ちていた。










・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 。。。

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13 2010

White dandelion again.

The wild flowers are at their best now, and the dandelions on the side of the road catch my eye these days; the Yellow color especially is outstanding.

On last weekend; when I went walking around a river side, I met many pretty wild flowers; I felt that I was in the middle of spring.

As I watched the dandelion, the old memory that I met the white color dandelion near there of two years ago came into my mind. I remembered that I felt very lucky feeling, my mood became really happy. Because, it was my first meeting of the white dandelion flower. I was really surprised by it, for I had believed that the dandelion flower color was yellow only. Last year, I could not meet it, I guessed that it was picked up by someone, or not. But, I could meet it again near there. Please show me white flower again next season. I am looking forward to seeing it again next year.






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06 2010

A cormorant fishing show under the sun light

Last Sunday. It was the very fine day, I went to Uji River side to walking as usual. When I reached the Nakano-shima Park of the Uji River, many people and many colorful tents came into my view, it was very crowded. It was the day of the cherry flower festival of the Nakano-shima Park. I happened to meet the festival I did not know about it. The tourist came back to the Uji city, I am glad that the cherry flower gathered the people to the park; and it would be good for the local economy. As I crossed the park, the voice of the broadcast came into my ears. It was the information of the special show of the cormorant fishing. I approached at the river side, and pointed my camera at the Japanese style boat. They fired a fishing fire on the boat, and the show began soon. I was really lucky to see the special show, it was my first experience. Particularly, they capitalize on a young lady’s fisherman. I took the photograph in a hurry, the boat went pass over soon. To tell the truth, the fire under the sunlight did not have the desired effort. It was very precious experience, because normally the show is opened on the night time. If I get the chance, I want to see the show under the moon light.








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