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30 2011

(濁り酒を買った) Joyo sake factory

When I arrived at outskirts of Joyo town, I turned the steering wheel to the left.
The mark was a big signboard at side of the road. After I drove about 3 minutes, the shop curtain came into my view from left front. It was a sake store, my friend gave me an information, they were selling a white sake, it was called “Nigori-zake”. I went in the store, and I asked about the white sake to the staff. It seemed, they made two kind of white sake, one was” Nigori-zake” and other one was “ Doburoku”. I guessed, my friend favorite one was “ Doburoke” but it was manufactured on only winter season. Unfortunately it was summer. So, I could buy the Nigori-zake.  Of course, I never have drunk it. It seemed very fruity flavor, as a wine.
However, if I had to say, “Doburoku” was better than it, and then I keep it on the next time. The elderly stuff said, there were many Sake factories long time ago, it was about ten. But it was only one factory now at Joyo town. He said, to keep traditional sake was very tough business now.  After I got his comment, I bought other two bottles of sake, finally.  Total three bottles sake was expensive a bit.
As I would go out of the store, I noticed that the big round container was there.
It attracted my attention again. When I peeped into the container, the staff opened the edge of the cover of it. Then , the smell of the ume liquor come into my nose, it was very acrid smell of the alcohol, at the same time it included a sweet aroma. It was a marc of the ume liquor. The aroma drove me happy a bit. And staff said pointing the plastic bag, which was packed the marc.  “Please take out it, it is for free.” It seemed good tasty. I got a bag to take out. There was a small sake factory of Joyo of Kyoto prefecture. Name is “Jyoyo-shiyuzou.”  I want to visit again at an early date.
Of course, to buy white sake bottles would be my purpose.



そして、帰ろうとしたとき、入り口近くの大きな丸い容器が気になった、年配のスタッフがカバーの端を少し開けてくれた、すると、アルコールのツンとする刺激臭が鼻をつき。、同時に、梅酒のほのかな甘い香りが漂った。梅酒を絞った後の梅だそうだ、ビニールの袋に詰めてあるのを指して、差し上げますから、もぅて帰ってください, タダです、ラッキー、少し得をした気分になった、どんな味なのか帰ってからの楽しみだ。そこは京都府城陽市、城陽酒造、近いうちにまた来てみたい、そう、冬場のどぶろくが待ちどうしい。




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19 2011

Yellow raccoon dog (Big pottery)

The very hot day goes on these days. To think with English is very nuisance.I went to tableland area by a car to enjoy the cool. It is in the mountains, is called Shigaraki, there is between the Shiga prf and Kyoto prf. As I neared an entrance of the Sigaraki-area, which was famous of the pottery.
The big yellow raccoon dog came into my view; it was the symbol of the Sigaraki pottery.
So, it was the first time I meet the Yellow color raccoon dog. When I met it last time, probably it was the black color. It sure was showy. And it was good landmark that it stood out from the rural scene. I imagined that they needed how much paint of yellow color, new type of modern color. Wow, it was really hard work, wasn’t it?
It delighted my eye and was really cute. By the way, my main purpose was to enjoy the cool air. But, there was also very hot. Actually, the TV news said, Hotukaido-area is getting hot day these days. The environment of the farm product was changed, there was not fit to rice product before, but they could produce good rice these days. I understood, Japan also heated up with the global warming. Where is the cool place? When I parked the car at the car park of the pottery store, the jolly dolls came into my eye from across the street. It seemed that they invited me into the store. And, I went there to get a break with cool air. As I went in to the store, many potteries come into my view. After I looked around the store, I bought three pottery cups for the party of my old friend. Those were typical design of the Sigaraki pottery. And it looked like a bargain. It was short drive to the suburb on very hot day of summer.



ほんとに暑いこの頃、英語を考えるのがホントわずらわしい、涼を求めて郊外へ出かけた、滋賀県と京都の中間の山の中、信楽高原が目的地。 焼き物で有名な信楽の入り口で大きな黄色い狸に遭遇、狸は信楽の名物。でも黄色の狸は初めてだ、いつもの狸は黒色が定番、黄色は目立つ、のどかな景色の中で確かに格好の目印だ、新しいタイプの狸、塗るのにどれくらいのペンキを使ったのかな? 塗るのは大変だったろうな! 可愛くて楽しい狸だ、なんてことを考えながら通り過ぎた。
 出かけた目的は涼をとること、だけどそこは同じく暑い! テレビで北海道でも暑い日が続いていて、本来作なかつたお米が作れるそうだ、日本が暑いのは地球温暖化の影響なのかな! やはり! どこへ行けば涼しいのだ!
陶器の店の駐車場の車を止めると、道を挟んで可愛い人形が目に飛び込んできた、 こっちの店に来て! と言われているようで、入ってみた、涼しい!  店の中を一回りして、信楽焼のコップを三個買った、お買い得! な感じ!  今度のパーティで使おう。暑い夏の日のショートドライブでした。



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11 2011

Avocado grew

The avocado was sprouted with the water of a cup. At first, the seed was cut on a tip of it, and it was set on the cup. It took about one year.  After the young leaves grew, the water of the cup was changed to the soil of a pot. The shift timing was really difficult.
We have to give enough water until it spread the roots. And having to protect it from strong sunlight was one other important point. I was anxiety whether it would grow up well or not. But, it was no problem.
The plant has strong survival power. Of cause they do not live without water and sun, but, the root had continued them life in the soil with little water. On the season, it will come back to life.
The young leaves come out , so it seem to germinate again after long dormancy. The Avocado was living.)


(アボカドの種がコップの水で育った、先を少しナイフで割りコップの水に浸しておいた、約一年で芽を出した。 若葉がしっかりしてから土の入った鉢へ移した、移すタイミングが難しかったが、根が育つまで毎日水をたっぷりと与え、強い日差しをできるだけ避けた。定植するかどうか心配だったが、うまく落ち着いたようだ。
植物の生命力はすごい、太陽と水は必須だが、土の中で着実に根を張っていて、次期が来ると葉を開くのだ。長い眠りの後に復活したように見えるけど。 ずつと生きていたんだ。)


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07 2011

Small morning glory (小さな朝顔が咲いた)

The Japanese morning glory flowered this morning. There was no attitude to bloom last night. I thought that it was too small to get flower still now. But, the nature is wonder;
It felt the flower season and it saw the flower this morning; without a sign. It was really pretty flower. I was happy to see it again this year. It is the typical Japanese flower.
But, it will be to wither till tomorrow morning. Very short-lived.




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