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25 2010

An outlet at top of the mountain

There is the mountain, which is called Otokoyama-mountain at south of Kyoto. It is really Low Mountain, which was enclosed by the bamboo thicket; it seems that an apt name is Otokoyama-hill. The Iwashimizu-hachimangu-shrine is on the mountain and there is the cable car, which is really famous and it has long history. Specially the event of the Setubun(the day before the calendrical beginning of spring) is very famous by the red devil dance. Unfortunately, I have never seen it. Somehow, I dropped in to the top of the mountain on the day of a break the rainy season, on my way home.



mmmDSC01523 - コピー

It is a well-know story, Ediso
n reached the bamboo in the Otokoyama-mountain to hunt the material of the strong filament, when he would produce an electric light for general use. Therefore, there is big monument of the Edison on the mountain. As I reached front of the monument, I was really surprised. 
ecause, they had an outlet of an electrical car in that place.

(エジソンが白熱電球を生産するために丈夫なフィラメントの材料を求めて、男山の竹にたどり着いた話は有名だ、それで、山の上には立派な記念碑が在る。記念碑の前にたどり着いたとき、私は驚いた! なんと電気自動車用のコンセントが設置されているではないか。確かに近くに小さな駐車場はあるが、誰がこんなところまで電気自動車で上がってくるのか?)



Actually, it is near the small car park. However, who will come on top of the mountain by electric car? And, it was locked, and the key was kept at the shrine office. I could not check that it was real equipment or not. Edison and outlet of the car have a same point in common, it is a electric. If the outlet equipment is an ornament, it is a great joke, and if it is the real outlet, it is the great mission. What do you think of it? If you have electrical car, you should visit there by a car.

( 箱には鍵がかかっている、使用したい方は社務所へ?・・・・???????
エジソンと電気自動車、そうか、電気繋がりか? 本物のコンセントか飾り物か、はたまた冗談か! いずれが真実かわからないが、愉快なコンセントだ、もし電気自動車をお持ちなら、一度行ってみてください。)



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