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04 2010

The wedding in the boat.

As usual, many boats were floated in the river, and many tourists were eating the lunch on the boat. That was a Nakanoshima-park of the UJi-city; it was side of the Byoudouin-temple. And the watch showed me that the handle was passed the noon already. So, my stomach got hungry too. As I looked for the point to have a lunch, the strange Japanese-style boat came into my view. Why did it strange; because the red color and white color curtain was decorated on it. As I watched the boat carefully, I was surprised; there were the bride and groom at the front of the boat. Oh, it was novel ceremony, wasn’t it? I had never seen such a wedding ceremony. To watch the face of the bride was difficult, the red and white curtain was an obstacle. But, I could get it in a moment. It seemed very happy expressions. The boat went pass in front of me soon.  And we got a light rain again.


(ここは宇治の中ノ島公園、いつも見慣れた光景、沢山の観顧客が和船に乗りながら昼食を食べていた、平等院のすぐ横だ。時計はすでに正午を回るていた、お腹がすいてきた、お弁当を食べる場所を探していると、変わった和船が目に飛び込んできた、紅白の垂れ幕付き? 良く見ると、驚いたことに船の先頭には新郎と新婦が座っているではないか。なんと船上結婚式だ! こんなの見るの初めてだ、ご両人の姿は垂れ幕が邪魔で余りよく見えなかったが、一瞬だけ見ることができた、幸せ一杯、そんな感じ、 船はすぐに前を通り過ぎていった。 また、小雨が降り始めた。)


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Most interesting and romantic at the same time.

Commented by Liling [URL] | 07/04 21:14| edit

すごい!on a boat!? very original!
traditional japanese wedding clothes are so beautiful.

Commented by Diana [URL] | 07/05 19:33| edit

Thanks for your comment.
It will live in their memory for ever.
See you! (^○-)/

Commented by Taka from Kyoto [URL] | 07/11 17:59| edit

It recalled me of my old memory.
Wedding ceremony at the church.
See you! (^○^)/

Commented by Taka from Kyoto [URL] | 07/11 18:08| edit

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