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29 2010

Ninja figure at front of the store.

What impression did you get from the Koshien in this year?
It gave us many memories, as a proverb every year. The deep emotion is better expression than the proverb, isn’t it?
The tournament had ended this year, and my memory had begun gotten fainter already.
It was really hot day, I went to Yhokaich of Shiga prefecture. As I reached an intersection, a suspicious figure came into my view on my left side.
Was it a ninja? It was stood out very much.
The traffic signal changed to red light, I stopped a car. It seemed that it was a sporting goods store. “It is the Koshien into the heart! It is the Koshien into Life!”
It was very good signboard, my move to ground for a while. I did not understand why the figure was the ninja? I thought, a baseball player was better than the ninja.
What do you think of it?



滋賀県の八日市へ出かけました、暑い日でした、交差点の近くで左側に不思議な人影を見かけた、忍者? 目立っていた! 信号が赤になったので良く見ると、どうやらスポーツ用品点のようだ、“心に甲子園  人生に甲子園” 目立つ看板が! 思わず今年の甲子園を思い出した。 でも何で店の前に忍者? 野球のプレーヤーの方がいいんじゃない、どう思います?)



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Haha It is so hilarious.
Did you get inside? How was that?
If I choose some player to put in front of the shop, definitely Doara!
lol I have no reason tho...

If you like sports, I recommend this site for practicing speaking in english. Try it!


Commented by happy [URL] | 09/06 10:49| edit

Thanks for your comment.
As I stopped at the traffic signal, I just got the photo.
If I get the chance I want to get inside.
And I will visit the site soon.
See you! (^^)/

Commented by Taka from Kyoto [URL] | 09/10 22:12| edit

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