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24 2010

Herb flowers

At last the cold rain brought autumn to us at early morning, with the noise of the thunder.  Weather forecast told us on early morning TV news show; the temperature would go down to 10 degree than yesterday.  It would be average year’s warmth.  Very happy news, finally it would be farewell to the hot night, and I would sleep with no air conditioner.  At last I am able to say Good-by to the humidity night. By the way. Nature is great; I found the flower of the potted plant last week. Red Shiso, Peppermint and Basil. They had felt the turn of the seasons earlier than us, which was the season of the flower. I want to say again, Nature has a mysterious power.  They are popular herb; I took the photo from my potted plant, it was my first cultivation.



(ついに、冷たい雨が雷の音と一緒に秋を運んできた。朝の天気予報で前日より10℃低いと予報が出た。やっと例年並みだ。 嬉しいニュースだ、これでやっと熱帯夜とお別れ、エアコン無しで寝られる、蒸し暑く眠れぬ夜にさようならだ。




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Hello from your fellow fc2 blogger. I live in Los Angeles California and we are right in middle of heat wave. I envy your weather. My brain doesn’t work well when it’s hot.

I don’t mean to pick on you, but since you said “勉強中ですので何か気づかれたらアドバイスください。”, it’s not “humidity night”, but “humid nights”. A word “humidity” is a noun and means 湿度. You could also say “muggy nights”. A word “humid” sounds a little more formal than “muggy”. And I’m pretty sure you had more than one humid night, so it should be “nights”(複数) instead of “night”(単数).

I don’t think your English level is low. It’s not even medium. You write better English than some of my Facebook friends, who are Americans. You might want to change it to “high”.

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Thanks for your comments.
It is a great encouragement for me.
Often I hesitate to choose which sentence and ward is correct.
I guessed, when I can not decide easily, I would get wrong on that time.
But usually I can not realize about it.
I am under the impression forever that it’s the correct English
I want to say again, Thank you very much for your advice.
See you! (^○^)/

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