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05 2010

Fox Face?

What is it?
I found funny plant at an entrance of the shop. That was the first time I had met it. The color was yellow, and the shape was? It was very strange. Some of them were painted, as the face. I found the face which was like the pig face. I burst out laughing in spite of myself. I guessed, probably it was the plant, because in a sense, it seemed the artificial plant, which was made by plastic. I was taking an interest about it during my stay inside of the shop.
What was it? Why was it at the entrance today? Can I eat it, if it was real plant?
What do you call it? And I felt such several questions about it. It was a cake shop, which had a tea room inside it; we could choose the cakes and something to drink. Tea, coffee and others. At last, as I left the tea room; I asked to the staff of the shop, what was it? Was it an ornament?
They answered to me it called “Fox Face”, this was the best time of the year of it. Well, it had the image of a Halloween, as a yellow pumpkin, therefore it was yellow and it had funny face. And as I observed the face, indeed it was like Fox face. It seemed funny again.
After I came back to my home, I checked about it in internet; it is a kind of a vegetable
and it is the family of the eggplant. But it is not good for eat. One other name is “ tuno-nasu” in Japanese; that it is the “horned eggplant” in English”? “tuno=horn” and “nasu=eggplant”.??????? The name of Fox face is the Japanese name, is named by Japanese. They said that they do not know about English name.
If you know the name, please tell me about it.



店の前に面白いプラントがあった、黄色くて、不思議な形? お目にかかるのははじめてだ。幾つかに顔の絵が書いてあった、豚顔? 思わず笑ってしまった。多分本物の植物かな、でも一瞬プラスチックの作り物のようにも見えた。店にいる間中気になった、あれは何だ?  何で玄関にあるのだ? もし本物なら食べられるの? なんて名前だ? そんなことが浮かんだ。店の奥は喫茶室のあるケーキ屋さん、ケーキは沢山の中から選べる、コーヒーや紅茶と一緒にテータイム。喫茶室を出る時スタッフに”あれは何ですか? 飾り?“ 聞いてしまった。 
答えは“ 名前はFox Face 今の時期になるとでてくる”と言うことだった。そう、確かに今の時期、 黄色カボチャと同じハロウインのイメージだ、 ジックリ眺めていると狐顔の見えてき多、確かに愉快な形だ。帰ってからネツトで調べたら、野菜でナスの仲間、日本名で“Fox face” 又は”角なす“ 英語名は不明、”Fox face”は日本人が付けたのか?




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Hi, again.

I've never seen this plant, but I found a Wikepedia Page. Looks like it is called "solanum mammosum" in English.


This kind of looks like yellow squash, but yellow squash is eatable.

Commented by May [URL] | 10/07 15:37| edit

< May
Thanks for your information.
Name is really interesting.
See you! (^^)/

Commented by Taka from Kyoto [URL] | 10/10 15:29| edit

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