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18 2010

Little drive

It was a fine autumn day yesterday. Though I did not have specially purpose, I headed a car to the Nantan area through the Route 9. I visited there after long interval. I thought the view of the old rows of house was changed a bit. There were many stores of the food-service, it seemed that residential zones extend wider than before. Probably my last visit was about 8 years ago. Sure, the road condition was really improved, so I got comfortable drive. As I reached the country area, I got the feeling that I wanted to go to the Japanese sea. On such a time, I met a big rabbit; it seemed it was the tree. And then, I stopped a car, and took the photo. Next year’s Chinese astrology would be rabbit.
I thought, I was really lucky, I met it such a place. And there were small Private Park.
I was envious of it. It reminded me a tradition that if you wanted to live wider house than now, you had to move to the local place. After having a drive a while again, the sign board of the station on the road came into my view. The name was Koetu-village.
I turned a handle to the right to get the rest time. The watch showed me it was 3 pm already. I could not decide that I would go or turn back for it was very comfortable fine day and I knew that I would take traffic congestion on the way home always.
Next time, I want to depart from Am, and to reach the Japan Sea. I headed the car to the home while I thought such thing, after I took a rest at the station. I met many big motorcycles there; it was best season of the touring, wasn’t it?


前に通ったのは8年前かな? 道路は良く整備され気持ちよく運転できた。賑やかなところを過ぎて、少しローカルな景色に差し掛かったところで、このまま日本海まで行きたいな、なんて事が浮かんできたとき、大きなウサギが見えた、いや、ウサギに見える木だ。
車を止め写真におさめた、来年の干支はウサギだ、何かラッキーな気分。 そこは小さな個人の公園のような広場が、いいな! 広い土地に住みたければ田舎へ行け! 上手くいったものだ。少し走ると、道の駅の案内板があったので行ってみた、名前は光悦村、時計はすでに3時を指していた、日本海まで行こうか、戻ろうか、迷ったが、帰り道はいつも混むので有名、少し休んでから戻ることにした。次回は朝のうちから出なくては、沢山のバイク、ツーリングには一番いい時期だな。



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