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06 2010

A drive on a national holiday. .

It was just seasonable autumn weather; I went to north area of Kyoto by a car to see the red leaves. It was really comfortable driving, because the road was not crowded. I also wanted to see the Sea of Japan if I can; it was my second purpose. But as I reached Kutuki of route 161, it began to drizzle a bit. And the time was not right for seeing the red leaves; it was early a bit. As I went forward again, the sky became a gray color.
I changed my destination to Lake Biwa, and then I turned a handle to the right. I took some rests at my favorite spots, it was by easy driving.

I reached Kusatu-michi-no-eki after about two hours; I dropped in to take rest whenever I came to Biwa Lake. It has small area of shopping, they sell the principal products of this district. I found a young plant of a onion, and I bought it for my container. And there was a tree, which has red leaves. I guessed, the best time to see the red leaver would come one month later, wouldn’t it?





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