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16 2010

Shinsen-en(Japanese garden of Heian period)

I went to Shinsen-en Heihachi to have a lunch last weekend; because my daughter presented me the gift of the lunch course. Heihachi is the famous Japanese restaurant of Kyoto; specially、the well-known dish is the Udon-ciri., they have a pride that the Udon is the thickest in the world. And then, I reserved it but I ate it on long time ago then I had forgotten the details of it already.




When a waitress served me the Udon-chiri, I asked her; Did something come with it more? For example a cup of the cooked rice was. Then, her answer was that nothing would come with. After I eat the Udon-chiri, I realized that my question was really foolish things. I had tried enough; my room was full with the dumpling of the Udon, which was great volume. And the soup was very good flavor too. I was satisfied with the Udon-chiri. I was thankful to the present.


(うどんちりが出てきた時、ほかに何か付くのですか? ご飯とか? とたずねた。 これだけですよ! うどんちりを食べ終わって、私の質問は愚問であったと思い知った、満腹! お腹一杯! まるで団子のような太いうどん、すごいボリュームだった。そしてスープがまた美味しい、すばらしいギフト有難う! うどんちりに大満足!)



After lunch I toured Shinsen-en, which was Japanese garden, it was built on south of the present Nijyo-castle area by the nobility in Heian period; it was about 1200 eyears ago. The main building of the Heian-kyo was on the present Nijyou-castle area. So many events were performed at the Shinsen-en, it was important institution of Heian-kyo for the Heian government. Most famous legend was that when the infection illness increased explosively at Kyoto, the people exorcized it by prayer at Shinsen-en. It is said that it was the origin of the Gion festival. They decided many things of government there, for example the schedule of the event and the direction of the building. It was called the feng shui, which came from Chinese. And then, there is the Ehou-yashiro, which is small shrine of the direction. It was said that it showed the message of fortune by the direction. The feng shui was the great rule for the old people. On every year, the small shrine is turned to each year’s direction. It is the unique turning shrine, which move once of every year. You should visit if you come to the Nijyo-castle; it takes about 3 minutes by foot. Your whish granted!



(昼食の後、神泉苑を散策、約1200年前、平安時代に貴族により造られた日本庭園だ、二条城の南側だ、その時中心的な建物(大内裏)は今の二条城のところに位置し、沢山の政がここでも行われたと言われている、特に疫病が大流行した時は、厄払いが行われ、それが祇園祭の始まりとされている。行事の日程や、建造物の場所決めなどの政を決める時の中国より渡来した風水が用いられた、ここには方位の社が祀られている、小さな社だが毎年,その年の方角へ向けられる、いわゆる回転する社だ。二条城より徒歩3分、二条城へお越しの折は、是非、立ち寄ってみてください。 願いを叶えてくれるそうです。)



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