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13 2011

Sainokami-yashiro (幸神社)

The Sainokami-Yashiro is a small shrine, it is north east of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The origin was that it built on the line of ‘Kimon’ of the Kyoto Imperial Palace on Heian period. Because the time, northeast direction of the building was the ‘demon’s gate’ on Chinese geomancy. And the northeast corner of the main building of the Kyoto Imperial Palace is guarded by Sarudahiko, which is the shape of monkey. The Sainokami-Yashiro is on the same line of in the northeast. And then the Sainokami-Yashiro deifies the monkey. The inevitable tree of the shrine is the ume, so we can see the small ume flowers in side of the shrine on this season; it is left side of the main gate. I found the small God of the monkey inside of the office, but the office was closed, no one was there. I could not buy it. Main efficacies of the shrine are the matchmaking, safety travel, improvement of performing art, and protection from devil.

Address: sainokami-chiyo 303 teramachi-imadegawa-agaru nishi-iru kamigyouku Kyoto





それと、神社と言えば梅、鳥居をくぐって左に梅ノ木はあり、今の時期、小さな梅の花が咲いてる。社務所には猿の守り神を売ってるのが外から見えたが,閉まっていて人影も無く、少し寂しかった、普段訪れる人は少ないようだ。 御神徳は鬼門除け・縁結び・芸能上達・旅の安全・など。



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Thank you for the photos. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Kyoto in 1979 and in 1986. I loved the serene atmosphere of the temples.

I enjoy looking at your blog. I look forward to more interesting pictures and articles.

Commented by Shiroi Tora [URL] | 02/14 18:29| edit

>Shiroi Tora
Thanks for your coming and comment.
When I walk around in back street of the Kyoto, often I encounter unknown small temple and shrine.
I think there are more places, which are worth to visit.
Of course, I want to visit more.
See you! (^^)/

Commented by takafromkyoto [URL] | 02/18 21:27| edit

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