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19 2011

Early spring of yellow flower.

There was a red flower, name was sasanqua. It is the winter flower. Usually it stands out in the gray scene of winter. But, when I dropped in to the Lake Biwa, the background color was a yellow. It was the clearness yellow of the rape flower. It is the early spring flower; there was the clear contrast of the yellow and the red. I regretted that a gray cloud cut off the white color mountain though I could see dimly it. A wind was still really cold. But Certainly, spring is around the corner. There was the small spring.






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Very colorful photos.

Commented by Shiroi Tora [URL] | 02/19 22:33| edit

>Shiroi Tora
Thanks for your comment again.
I love Spring, I am looking forward to seeing many vivid colors of flower.
I will get it soon.
See you! (^^)/

Commented by takafromkyoto [URL] | 02/25 16:50| edit

nice to meet you !
i live in Shiga near Biwako.
i saw the same scene some days ago.
in my blog (post on 2/23), i wrote about this scene.
i'll come your blog again ♪

はじめまして。 ここの菜の花 凄いですよね!
Takaさんのブログ 初めて拝見したのですが
嬉しくて コメントしてしまいました!^^

Commented by chiaki [URL] | 03/06 14:58| edit

Thanks for your comments.
There is my favorite place that I meet spring at end of the winter every year.
Also, they show us sunflower at front of the summer.
The sunflower looked down last year, I guessed, because it was hit a heat wave.
I am looking forward to seeing the vigorous flower again.
You should go again.
See you! (´〇`)/

Commented by takafromkyoto [URL] | 03/07 17:22| edit

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