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07 2011


The row trees of a cherry show a beautiful flower at neighborhood these days. I did not know way, but the beautiful scene, which was different as usual, came into my mind, though it was same flower as normal. Maybe it came from the disaster. My mind became low too. On the day, I could not believe the scene on the screen of TV. 
The scene was etched into my deep mind. So, the cherry flower could not erase it from my mind. And I could not take photo; I did not up my blog. But the flower gave a mind to me that I take a photo after about three weeks.
I looked for what differ from last year. There were not the red lantern; it came from the practice self-control of the neighborhood association. My feeling was really disconsolate even though it was spring already.

mmDSC04302 - コピー_R

(町内の桜並木が満開だ、例年と変わらないはずなのになぜか気持ちが晴れない、震災のせいかな。気分がすさむのは、テレビの場面が信じられなかった、あの場面が目に焼き付いて消えない、桜の花を見ているときも。写真を撮る気も、ブログをUpする気もしなかった。 でも三週間ぶりに桜の写真を撮る気になった。去年と何かが違う、そうかいつもの赤い提灯がないんだ、町内会の自粛らしい、 春なのに何か・・・・。)

mmDSC04307 - コピー_R


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It makes me wish I were back there!

Commented by Shiroi Tora [URL] | 04/08 17:07| edit

>Shroi Tora
Thanks for you coming.
It is vest time to see the cherry flower now, it is only tow weeks.
The life of the flower is really short.
See you! (^^)/

Commented by takafromkyoto [URL] | 04/10 21:55| edit

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