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20 2011

桜も終わりか?(Cherry flower had hallen.)

The full-blown cherry flower began to fall already from week end at near my house.
On Sunday morning, I went to Uji-river Park to see the flower in haste though it was not fine. The tree had begun to change color to the light green of the young leaf.
As the wind blew, the many petals had fluttered every time in the wind, like a snow.
And many petals colored the ground to the pink. It was very beautiful scene as Japanese art, wasn’t it? It is herd rain today; it is the sign of the cherry flower viewing end.



(週末には近所の桜の花はすでに散り始めていた、日曜日の朝、少し曇っていたけれど宇治川の公園へ桜を見に出かけた。桜の木は若葉で緑色に変わり始めていた。風が吹くたびに花びらが風に舞う、雪のように、そして、足元をピンク色に染めていた。まるで日本画のようだ。 今日は激しい雨、雨は桜の終わりを告げる。)


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I love the Japanese artistic sensibilities...much of which is natural in origin...the great beauty of simplicity over complexity (reflecting what humans should strive for in life)...quality prized over all else, including quantity....understanding that the lack of permanence enhances the moments it is there (the deeper it is missed...the deeper it was felt - each enhancing the other - both necessary...both pleasurable...enjoying the moment...yearning and anticipating the next.

What is not seen is just as important as what is (the visual enhancer...just as the rests or pauses in music is to the ear)...much of this is lost in modern western civilization...and just one of the many things that I miss about Japan.

I loved Kyoto when I was there...I shall certainly take my son there one day...it is simply too beautiful to not see at least once in a lifetime.

Commented by Shiroi Tora [URL] | 04/21 09:13| edit

>Hello Shiroi Tora
Thanks for your comment.
You are right, Japanese beauty has really delicate sensibilities.
I guess it comes from the good water resource.
It streams into the nature and forwards, as the blood.
Clean water fosters original Japanese culture.
But it has one other side, Japan is the volcanic country.
In other words, Japan is the country with frequent earthquakes.
See you! (´Ζ`)/

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