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16 2011

白いたんぽぽタンポポ(White dandelion !)

Unexpectedly, there was the white dandelion. It was really lucky. Or not!
On the river side. Stood on the edge of a precipice.  It was enclosed by the yellow colors, as was driven off. The dandelion is yellow is common sense, everyone know so. At east I believe so. .I think, it is the gumption, is a correct answer.  To be exact, it is a one of the correct answer. Nature is profound. It is beyond human power. Mother Nature is mysterious. I checked it on the Internet, the white dandelion is endemic species of Japan. I was surprised again, no one had taught me until now. I guessed, maybe some people knew long time ago, but it did not hand down orally. There are many things like that in the world.

( たまたま、白いタンポポを見つけた、幸運なのかな!  でも 川べりの崖の上で、黄色いたんタンポポに追いやられているようだった。 タンポポが黄色いのは当たり前の常識、それまでそう信じていた。 それは知識不足、タンポポがには黄色もある、黄色が多いが正解、自然は神秘、人間の力は及ばない。 ネツトで調べたら、白いタンポポは日本の在来種、今まで習わなかったなあ! 昔から知っている人はいたのだろうなあ、なぜかうまく伝承されていないようだ。世の中には知らないことがなんてたくさんあるのだろう。)



As the menace of the nature and the threat of the nuclear energy. In some cases, the ignorance is the better than well informed person.  To jump to the conclusion by the simple head with the poor feeling is most danger, like the Prime Minister of the country somewhere.  So the wrong impression is most danger factor for everything.。
In other word, it is the ignorance, who do not know about modesty and love for other person, and forgot to learn.

(たとえば、自然災害の脅威、原子力の怖さ、知らない人の方が、知っている人よりまともなのかも知らない、単純な感覚ですぐに結論付けるどこかの国の総理大臣のように。単純な判断は大いに危険! 思いやりや愛情がもう少し感じられればいいのだが、,もっと学んで欲しい。)


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