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17 2011

River-side (宇治川散歩)

I went to the Uji river side to walk after an interval of two weeks, though it was very hot day. My body wanted to take exercise, because I had to stay inside of the room, which kept cool condition by air conditioner, I knew it was not good for the body, but it had been continuing the very hot and humid weather these days. The air conditioner is a necessary electric application at summer in Kyoto.
But it is not natural.
I reached under the shade of the tree, the breeze was very comfortable. However, the shade of tree was scattered, and the hot sun baked off and on my body. The sweat bathed my T-shirt, it was saturated.  But, my feeling was very good, so it was natural. Sunlight and kind wind were very comfortable.




(ほんと、暑い日だ、でも宇治川へ歩きに行った、エアコンの効いた部屋の中に長くいると体がなまり気味だから、でもホント熱い、蒸し蒸しする。 京都の夏はエアコンが必需品、人工的な心地よい空間。  木陰に入ると優しい風、心地よい、でも影は続かない、すぐに強い日差しが体に突き刺す、シャツは汗でびしょびしょ、でもなんとなく心地よい、自然がいいんだな、日差しも風も心地よい。)


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I, too, suffer in heat and humidity. We are lucky where we now live. The air is relatively dry. My last trip to Japan comprised of a visit to Shikoku and Kyushu (visiting various relatives) at the tail end of summer. I had to wear a towel around my neck to absorb sweat and to dab my face with it.

Many years ago, I spent some time in Kyoto. It is a very beautiful place. I especially liked it in good weather (cooler weather). I, too, spent many times in air conditioned rooms during the heat of the day when I had lived in Osaka. I fully understand your feelings.

Keep cool in the summer heat...I look forward to more of your articles and pictures.

Commented by Shiroi+Tora [URL] | 07/18 00:58| edit

>Shiroi Tora
Thanks for your comment again.
Yes, Japanese summer is very humidity.
I remember, Santa Monika was very dry, and the wind was really kind on summer day.
When I visited LA, my friend guided me around seaside area.
And then, I came to like LA.
Of course, I love Japan(Except humidity summer), and I love LA too.

See you! (´○`)/
 Taka from Kyoto

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