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24 2011

Nadeshiko Flower (撫子の花に思う)

The snap of Nadeshiko flower is attached below; I checked on Internet and borrowed it.
I knew the Name of it, but it was difficult to remember the Nadeshio flower, and then I looked up the flower on Internet. The flower languages are the beautiful woman, the talent, the cheerful and the pure love. I think, everyone is the apt remark.
And they showed us, the persevering fight. I felt again, what one likes, one will do well. Exactly, they love the soccer. The meaning of “ 撫” is stroking, it come from the flower shape, which look like a feather. or a hair ends. BTW、they were brought up stroking the head by the supervision. And he did not forget the word of praise and the play on words. The Spartan style was classic method on my generation. I thought , maybe I become to no1 athlete, if was brought up on such a style. Maybe, maybe; of course, it my wishful thinking. Anyway, the female is mightier than the male on many fields of Japan.  The savior of Japan will be the female; I hope that next prime minister will be female.  Sighing・・・・・



(ネツトで調べた撫子の写真を添付、知っているつもりだったが撫子の花が思い浮かばずインターネットで調べた、花言葉は女性の美・才能・快活・純愛、どれもイメージにアつている感じがする。それと諦めずに戦う姿! 思い出す格言は、“好きこそものの上手なれ!“ 確かに彼らはサッカーに惚れている。 ”撫子の撫“の意味はなでる花の形が羽、毛先に似ている。
ところで、彼女らは監督により頭を撫でて育てられた、褒め言葉とダジャレを交えて、思い出すと我々の時代はスパルタ式のみだったなあ、もし、今の流儀で育てられたら私も一流のアスリートになれたかも? たぶん、希望的観測! ともかく今の日本では女性の方が男性よりパワフルだ、日本を救うためには女性の総理大臣が必要かも、そう、次期総理は女性だ!  アーア)


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