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30 2011

Green Curtain

Green curtain is growing up day by day.
It can say a healing rather than a saving energy.
It is good color for eyes, and observing a growth process is very enjoyable.
I am looking forward to reaping the bitter melon.
I am going to make the Goya-chanple.
But, right now, At most 7cm long.



(グリーンカーテンが日に日に伸びていく、省エネと言うよりは、なんとなく癒される。 目に優しい緑、育つて行くのを見るのは楽しみだ。ゴーヤの収穫も楽しみだ、ゴーヤチャンプルーを作るのだ。でも、いま、一番大きいので7cm程度だけど。)



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We planted Goya in a flower pot two years ago and harvested some. Tasted as bitter as the ones we buy at a grocery store. When you forget to pick it up until it gets overripe, the seeds inside will turn red and tastes a bit sweet!!! That's fun as well as "healing".

Commented by toshiohm [URL] | 08/05 13:09| edit


Thanks for your advice.
I reaped some Goyas last week, it was the first harvest.
As expected, some Goyas had gotten the red seed already.
But, almost all fruit were ready to eat.
I cooked “ chiyanple”. It was bitter. 
Of course, its taste was very good!
See you! (´〇`)/

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