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30 2011

(濁り酒を買った) Joyo sake factory

When I arrived at outskirts of Joyo town, I turned the steering wheel to the left.
The mark was a big signboard at side of the road. After I drove about 3 minutes, the shop curtain came into my view from left front. It was a sake store, my friend gave me an information, they were selling a white sake, it was called “Nigori-zake”. I went in the store, and I asked about the white sake to the staff. It seemed, they made two kind of white sake, one was” Nigori-zake” and other one was “ Doburoku”. I guessed, my friend favorite one was “ Doburoke” but it was manufactured on only winter season. Unfortunately it was summer. So, I could buy the Nigori-zake.  Of course, I never have drunk it. It seemed very fruity flavor, as a wine.
However, if I had to say, “Doburoku” was better than it, and then I keep it on the next time. The elderly stuff said, there were many Sake factories long time ago, it was about ten. But it was only one factory now at Joyo town. He said, to keep traditional sake was very tough business now.  After I got his comment, I bought other two bottles of sake, finally.  Total three bottles sake was expensive a bit.
As I would go out of the store, I noticed that the big round container was there.
It attracted my attention again. When I peeped into the container, the staff opened the edge of the cover of it. Then , the smell of the ume liquor come into my nose, it was very acrid smell of the alcohol, at the same time it included a sweet aroma. It was a marc of the ume liquor. The aroma drove me happy a bit. And staff said pointing the plastic bag, which was packed the marc.  “Please take out it, it is for free.” It seemed good tasty. I got a bag to take out. There was a small sake factory of Joyo of Kyoto prefecture. Name is “Jyoyo-shiyuzou.”  I want to visit again at an early date.
Of course, to buy white sake bottles would be my purpose.



そして、帰ろうとしたとき、入り口近くの大きな丸い容器が気になった、年配のスタッフがカバーの端を少し開けてくれた、すると、アルコールのツンとする刺激臭が鼻をつき。、同時に、梅酒のほのかな甘い香りが漂った。梅酒を絞った後の梅だそうだ、ビニールの袋に詰めてあるのを指して、差し上げますから、もぅて帰ってください, タダです、ラッキー、少し得をした気分になった、どんな味なのか帰ってからの楽しみだ。そこは京都府城陽市、城陽酒造、近いうちにまた来てみたい、そう、冬場のどぶろくが待ちどうしい。




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I came here for the first time. I like Japanese sake too. One of my favorites is Korean MAKKORI . I'm afraid it's not made in jpn. How about this one? OK see u later! ブルースカイ

Commented by blue mountain [URL] | 09/01 00:33| edit

> Blue mountain

Thanks for your coming and comment.
On two weeks ago, I bought MATTKORI.
It was too sweet for me. I thought it would be good for lady.
Speaking about Korea Liquor, Jinro is better than it.
See you! (´○`)/

Commented by takafrtomkyoto [URL] | 09/02 10:46| edit

Makkori is for ladys. You can say that again.
I drink the shotyuu Kyogetsu every night.
Have a nice day! ブルースカイ

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