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10 2011

September 10 of 10 years ago.

The plane arrived on time to the Osaka airport from Narita at September 10.
It was before 9 pm. The highway-bas gave me a reality that I came back to Japan.
With comfortable swing. I was deadly tired and I was very nerves, because, it was my first business trip to join the formal business meeting. My role was to check about them technical side. The technical term and the numeral were a common language, for the most part were no problem on the document.  Anyhow I could not speak English. ”Nice to meet you”, “Thanks” and “----“ were my poor routine conversation. If I wanted to ask some question, I could speak thought an interpreter.
But, when the meeting heated, no one interpreted the proceedings for me.  On the contrary, suddenly they demand my opinion in Japanese. “ どう思う?”
” What do you think of it?” I remember that I was congealed. In another aspect, I was very easygoing meeting, because, “I do not know was that I can’t know what” The most difficult scene came after meeting, it was the late lunch time. I did not join in them small talk, maybe it was a chat. And then I could concentrate to eat. 
The voice in Japanese from TV came into my ears, it was very comfortable. That was way I was very tough trip for me, before my knows, I got enough sleep like a log forgetting the jet lag. September 10 was very long day for me. I did not know on that time, it went on September 11. Today is September 10. It recalled the memory of ten years before.
They said, there was the office of the company, which I visited on same time, in that Building.


2001.9.9 N/C USA


  9月10日,成田から大阪空港に飛行機は着いた、午後九時ごろだった。高速バスに乗り日本へ帰ってきた実感が湧いた、バスの揺れが心地よかった。旅の目的は、公式な会議に初めて出席するため、めちやくちゃ神経が疲れた。 技術面の担当で、数字と専門用語だけしか理解できない書類、でもそこまではそれでよかった。なんせしゃべれる英語ときたら“よろしく”“ありがとう”それと“――――”ほとんどダメ。


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