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26 2011

Last Bitter melon (ゴーヤも終わりか)

The green curtain is going to finish the time soon. Some leaves of the green curtain became brown color, I took in some bitter melons again, and it was my fourth harvest. I thought it was last harvest in this season. My first try was small bitter melon; because they said it was easy to growing, and many melons would fruit. That’s right; I could get an dozen of bitter melon or more on every harvest time, I only gave the water every day and manure on several days. And I cooked a healthful food each time with it. It was good job!
I was surprised by it after last harvest. Wow! One bitter melon burst open, and color had changed to yellow. I was keeping it on the table with room temperature. The seeds color was red. Nature is great; the bitter melon was going to sow its seed again in next season. I put it into the refrigerator. To keep it fresh condition till next cooking time. I wanted to try growing of big size bitter melon in next season.


(我が家のグリーンカーテンも、一部の葉が茶色く変わってきてもうじき終わりかな、四回目の収穫を終えた、今シーズンはこれで最後かな。今回のは小型のゴーヤ、育てやすく実もたくさん付けるということだったから、毎日の水と時々肥料を与るだけでよく伸びて、毎回たくさんの実を付けてくれた。おかげで ゴーヤの健康料理を何回か作ることができた。
収穫を終えて, ゴーヤを部屋の中に置いておいたところ、驚いたことに一つの実が黄色く変色しはじけていた、中の種は赤色、自然に実は熟成し種を撒こうとしたのだ、来シーズンも発芽するために、自然ってすごい! あわてて、冷蔵庫の中へ移した、次回の料理のアイデアが浮かぶまで、鮮度を保つために。)


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